'Excel Unusual' collection of awesome Excel files that exceeded the level of spreadsheets such as 3D flight simulator creation with Excel

For the reason that "Microsoft Excel 2003 is inexpensive, everyone has," "Because programming can be done without a programmer," the fiercestor who made various simulator creation and modeling on Excel appeared.

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Examples of models and tutorials using Excel can be seen from the following.

Models & Tutorials - Excel Unusual

For example, the following is a 3D flight simulator created on Excel. Actually you can download the Excel file.

A 3D Flight Simulator - video preview - Excel Unusual

This is a movie running 3D flight simulator. You can see that you are a pilot of an airplane and are running on the runway.

A Basic 3D Flight Simulator in Excel 2003 - YouTube

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In addition, there was Tetris made with Excel.

Excel Tetris - a video demonstration - Excel Unusual
http://www.excelunusual.com/excel-tetris-a-video- demonstration /

The movie is from the following.

Tetris Demo - Excel 2003 - YouTube

Digital clock is like this.

A Digital Clock Model - video preview - Excel Unusual

When you see the movie, you can see how Excel is actually carving time.

A Digital Clock in Excel - YouTube

Fourier transform computer as well. You can see the tutorial from here .

A Basic Fourier Transform Calculator in Excel - video preview - Excel Unusual

The way the Fourier transform is visualized on Excel can be seen from the following.

A Fourier Transform Calculator in Excel - YouTube

Up to 2D animation of the roller coaster.

A 2D Animated Excel Roller Coaster - video preview - Excel Unusual

The 3D animation of the roller coaster that makes you feel infinite possibilities of Excel is from the following.

A 3D Animated Roller Coaster Model in Excel - YouTube

There is also a 2D spherical mirror that displays both real reflected rays and imaginary reflected rays, mirror rays tracing.

A 2D Demo for Spherical Mirrors in Excel - with virtual reflected rays - Excel Unusual

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