Flight simulator fans must-see, human-powered motion cockpit "JoyRider" that you can make yourself with familiar materials

The motion cockpit that moves according to the screen used to train the actual pilot is one I'd like if you are a fan of the flight simulator, but I'd like to make this cheaply with familiar materials such as vinyl chloride resin water pipe I have a bad flight simulator fan. It is as simple as it is not easy to do, but it seems to be enjoyable quite a sense of presence.

Details are below
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Home Motion Flight Simulator By TronicGr

Ken Hill, an Oregon state engineer, was a big flight simulator fan and I always thought that I would like a motion cockpit, but I was thinking about making my own with the high price of the price, this is what JoyRider "We realized a motion cockpit by joining PVC plastic water pipes that are easily available at our home center.

YouTube - Ultimate Joyrider Flight Sim
One of the fans possessed by JoyRider's charm, Doc Holloway

Full view of the iron pipe version JoyRider system assembled by Doc

Although it is human power, it moves comfortably with one hand, and it leans quite a lot

The joint part at the root of the control stick. This is the fulcrum of the lever.

Mechanism to amplify the pushing force of the control lever and move the cockpit

There are drawbacks such as not being able to obtain feedback from the simulator software that the cockpit oscillates when it receives an attack, but as far as the movie is concerned, it seems like it will not bother you. It is the greatest advantage to be able to make cheap at any cost. If it is made by combining vinyl chloride resin water pipe, it can be assembled with less than 500 dollars (about 45,000 yen). A detailed PDF format manual is sold for $ 15 (about 1300 yen), and for those who do not have time to assemble it is a finished productDreamflyerAlso sold for $ 2,800 (about 250,000 yen).

It is a vinyl chloride resin so it can be easily cut

Using dolly casters

I have installed a shaft

Hang the frame in the direction of the roll (dragging movement) direction using this axis

Hanging the gondola fixing the chair on the frame.Earth sesameFeeling like

An example by a water pipe. Necessary space is almost as much as a tatami mat

The part that tells the movement of the gondola to the joystick

No special equipment at all. It can be made only by things in the home center

Commercial version of DreamFlyer

In addition, some people made their own cockpit that was quite ultimate with the feedback function using the basic structure of JoyRider. Greek Thanos joined JoyRider and the car's wiper motor with a wire. General purpose cockpit controllerX-SimulatorI made this cockpit in combination with.

Wiper motor

Win a wire around the gondola frame, wind it with a motor and move the gondola

Videos that understand the movement of wires well
YouTube - Full motion Flight Sim + Track IR 4 Pro on a F 16

Can also be used in car racing games. The image is a left curve, but the cockpit tilts to the right and makes the illusion that there is centrifugal force in the right direction by straining the muscles of the body
YouTube - FMS on LFS using X-sim, Few laps in XF-GTR

There are the following cockpits in expensive ones, but they are not losing at all compared to these movements.

Ultimate motion cockpit for entertainmentSega R-360. Approximately 15 million yen
YouTube - Recreativa R-360 de Sega

Eurocopter helicopterSuper Puma Mk 2Simulator. The lower hydraulic actuator is moving the cockpit. JoyRider can not reproduce the movement of yaw (rotation in the horizontal direction), but the price is tens of millions of yen level. I can not afford ordinary people
YouTube - How much motion in full motion simulator

FREX GPMotion cockpit for racing simulator game onlySimconMOTION. 228,800 yen

Because JoyRider can connect not only to PC but also game machineAce Combat SeriesIt seems to be enjoyable as well. DareNintendo's "Top Gun"It might be interesting to move such as. Thanos says "It can be done in 5 days if the usual man power version JoyRider is done", and is not it optimal for the material of the work during the long vacation?

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