I tried drinking all three 'crashers' who packed sweets in a cup of drinks with Kentucky

A new flavor of the drinking cold sweet " Krushers (crashers)" that can enjoy various tastes and textures for each season " Koyaku Summer ", " Strawberry Millefeil " and " Classic Chocolat " are Kentucky · Fried · Chicken on 21st June, 2018 ) Has appeared from. I have enjoyed drinks that you can taste the taste of rice, berries, chocolate and the jelly, the crispness of pie and the fluffy feeling of cream at one time.

Kentucky 's "Krushers (crashers)" celebrating its tenth year from the start of sales renewed with a new concept of "Sweets In Cups ~ Sweetness to a cup of drinks"! Three kinds of new flavor conscious of "Instant gold" such as "Krushers Strawberry Mille-feuille" New release on June 21 (Thu) | Latest News | News Release | Japan KFC Holdings Co., Ltd. KFC Holdings Japan, Ltd.
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Arrived at Kentucky · Fried · Chicken.

There is a signboard in front of the shop informing of the appearance of all three types of drink's new flavor. According to the signboard, it seems that the flavor of toyan is recommended in stores visited. This time we will order "Krushers Rikkyo Summerle", "Krushers Strawberry Millefeuille" and "Krushers Classic Chocolat".

"Krushers Poyce Summer" (left) "Krushers Strawberry Millefeil" (middle) "Krushers Classic Chocolat" (right) (480 yen each tax included) has been completed. "Krushers" is a drink that celebrates its 10th year since its release, and this time, it has been renewed with the concept of "Sweets In Cups ~ Sweets for a cup of drinks ~" this time.

The height of the cup is slightly higher than the traffic IC card (long side 85 mm).

"Krushers Poyce Summer ulele" (480 yen including tax) has become a summer-only flavor which used Eihon Produced Riki.

I have crushed jelly with transparent feeling in orange as topping.

Crushers have a thick straw, so you can drink the jelly and drink part as toppings together.

Crushers' drink part has fluffy feeling like whipped cream and ice tsubu but feeling like air which contained so-called shake. "Krushers Poyce Summer" There is a refreshing sweetness and aroma of Yokaka, and a bittersweet, making it a drink that can be felt in the summer fruit or irritated. It feels fun to jump in citrus flavored jelly pulled from the straw at random.

"Krushers Strawberry Mille-feuille" (480 yen including tax) is said to be in the style of Mille-feuille by using three kinds of berries as a base, placing whipped cream and crashed pie as a topping.

When you open the cup you will see a red sauce and pie as a topping.

"Krushers Strawberry Mille-feuille" feels strongly the presence of berry scent and acidity from the sauce. Since the sauce is not completely mixed with sweet whipped cream, it becomes a drink that changes the ratio of sweet and sour sauce and sweet whipping cream with each drink. It is also good that you can enjoy the crispy texture of a refreshing pie with drinks.

The last is "Krushers Classic Chocolat" (480 yen including tax). It is based on the mixed cocoa crunch and chocolate sauce, it is topped with chocolate containing cookie, chocolate syrup and it is becoming a drink of chocolate exhaustion.

When you open the cup you can check the chocolate containing cookie and chocolate syrup.

"Krushers Classic Chocolat" is finished in a drink that you can taste the rich cocoa flavor from slick drinks.

In addition, you can enjoy the crispy texture of cookies that you can set as a topping, you can taste it with cookies that are compatible with cocoa, there is plenty of food to eat as well as drink.

"Krushers Royalty Summer", "Krushers Strawberry Millefeuille" and "Krushers Classic Chocolat" are items that can be ordered at 555 stores in 1145 Kentucky Fried Chicken, so please be aware that some stores do not offer them

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