Festo announces robot "BionicFinWave" which freely moves underwater by moving whole body fins

Mechanically reproduce natural creatures such as bats and "spiders escaping from backward movement" surprisingly realisticallyFestoRobot that promotes by constantly moving the fins newly attached to the whole body like a wave "BionicFinWaveWe announced.

BionicFinWave | Festo Corporate

Koika andHiramushiCreatures such as, moving forward by moving seams along the whole body seamlessly. Festo's newly developed BionicFinWave adopts the same movement as these, and is a robot skillfully swimming inside a pipe made of acrylic glass. In addition, data such as temperature and water pressure sensed by the sensor can be sent to an external tablet.

It is possible to see how BionicFinWave is actually swimming from the following movies.

Festo - BionicFinWave (English / Deutsch) - YouTube

The fillet that continues from the head to the tail moves like a wave constantly.

The face of BionicFinWave glancing.

The character "FESTO" was engraved on the tail.

This is a pipe dedicated to BionicFinWave.

BionicFinWave swims around the pipe by swaying in and out, moving the back and stomach will also push water forward and propel it.

Looking from above it looks like this.

From below.

It is possible to retreat as well as advance not only by changing the movement pattern.

The left and right fins of BionicFinWave are made of silicon because they are framed without framing and so on, creating a flexible and fluid movement.

It is connected from the main body with nine arms, and the arm is operated by a motor mounted on the main body. Two crankshafts are built in the body, each of which moves the left and right fins.

For example, if you need to turn a curve, the outer fillet moves faster than the inner fin.

Many parts are output with 3D printers. Boards, processors, ultrasonic sensors, pressure sensors are mounted on the front of the main unit. With these, BionicFinWave can constantly propel and measure the distance from the wall, and it is possible to smoothly move through the pipe.

With the platform called Bionic Learning Network, BionicFinWave will be able to perform further tasks such as underwater observation and data collection, so it will be useful in sewage treatment and other fields, and BionicFinWave's technology will be used to make soft robots There is also the possibility.

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