Twitter froze an account under the age of 13 was due to the new data protection rule "GDPR"

byEsther Vargas

As of May 25, 2018 Twitter's Terms of Service have been revised and the provision of "Prohibition of use under the age of 13" was included, as a result the user was truly interested in not only accounts of users under 13,Company account is frozenIt has evolved into a fuss. Twitter's English official account answers the question "Why was Twitter use under the age of 13 prohibited?"

According to Twitter, the reason for starting strict age restrictions on accounts is the new data protection rule entered into force in the EU from May 25, 2018GDPRThing by. Because GDPR requires parental consent to provide personal information, accounts under the age of 13 will be frozen and at the same time users who were under the age of 13 at the time of opening the account were automatically frozen It has evolved into a situation that it will be. In this regard, we explained that Twitter did not anticipate.

In addition, sending a message saying "Please close the account if you are under 13 years old" to users who are 13 or over who tweeted that they are under 13 years of age as a joke or neta will spur confusion He said that he took it.

The official account explains that as a rule, "Under the age of 13 is not allowed to make Twitter accounts or tweet". Meanwhile, we will continue to make technical solutions to remove tweets made by under the age of 13 and said that there is still the possibility of continuing to use Twitter even under the age of 13 for influential accounts.

For corporate accounts that were inadvertently frozen, Twitter answered, "For those who received requests, we will unlock the freezing in order and allow us to use Twitter," he replied. Freezing from Twitter is expected to take place during the fourth week of June 2018.

Finally, Twitter apologized as "I feel sorry for causing confusion and inconvenience."

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