Disney develops a robot that can move like a human

As there is a dance called "robot dance", the movement of the robot is awkward and stiff, and indeedThe movement is too creepyThere are times when it is talked about as. Under such circumstances, Disney developed a very smooth movement like a human being, and developed a robot capable of delicate work "passing thread through a needle".

Disney Research »A Hybrid Hydrostatic Transmission and Human-Safe Haptic Telepresence Robot

You can check how the robot plays with a girl with smooth movement or threading through a needle with very accurate movement from the following movie.

A Hybrid Hydrostatic Transmission and Human Safe Haptic Telepresence Robot - YouTube

A robot with two such things as a bee appeared.

As if to hit the drum, scrambling the desk with a sticky daddy ... ... hits it.

Spread your arms widely ...

I'm taking various poses. There is no awkwardness like robot dance, it is a continuous, very flexible and smooth movement.

The part that hits the elbow as human beings looks like this.

A bee is directed towards the camera ......

On the contrary, I pointed my elbow to the camera.

The parts of the shoulder joint are as follows.

Horizontal motion is added to front and rear rotation.

Actually, behind the robot, there was a man who attached a VR headset and manipulated the robot. The robot was moving in a form linked with the movement of men in real time.

A robot that sounds a toy iron koto with a girl.

Move the bee as the girl flows from the right to the left ......

I also manage robots.

It is also possible to handle objects that break if you put power like eggs.

Lift that up ... ...

Move the eggs to the next table with stable movement.

If you think, put your strength and beat eggs ......

You can also crack a shit. It is possible to take action after grasping the surrounding environment and the state of the object.

This time I have a black stick, not a bee.

When I looked closely, I had a needle and thread in my hand.

I will thread it through a small hole so as to make it hard for human beings to struggle. Keep the black thread near ... ...

Thread through. It seems that we can instruct quite detailed and accurate movements.

Finally, when the girl talks to "Where is my cheek?"

A robot pounding on the cheek of a girl.

Hand play and ...

Like a catch ball, you can operate from a remote location and play with someone or communicate.

This robot adopts a fluid power transmission that transmits power using water and air flow and pressure. Fluid power transmission systems using air and water have been mainstream, but Disney succeeded in developing a new robot that increased work density by 600% compared to existing robots. The robot is equipped with a stereo camera, and the person who installed the VR headset can recognize the image the robot is watching in real time and can operate the robot.

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