Clearly 90% of the sperm swim clockwise

Aydogan Ozcan, an engineer at the University of California, Los Angeles, has developed a new way to record individual sperm movements, but when we followed the movement of spermatozoa by that method, most of the sperm drew a spiral clockwise It seems to move.

High-throughput lensfree 3D tracking of human sperms reveals rare statistics of helical trajectories

Sperm Can not Turn Left, Or Do not Want To | Popular Science

Sperm are very small and extremely fast speed cells and it is very difficult to follow the movements of sperm because of their agility and smallness so far the scholars have to operate the microscope quickly in order to completely follow the movement of the flagellar did not.

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So the way Ozcan developed to record individual sperm movements is a method that does not use microscope lenses. This is to direct the two LED lights of red and blue that are tilted at 45 degrees to the sample of the gamete and to convert the fallen shadow into the 3D image by illuminating the sperm with the colorful light directed in many directions thing. Ozcan's team decided to record and process the data by this method.

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It seems that it has become possible to follow the movements of 15,000 sperms at the same time. Also, Ozcan's team discovered that 5% of the sperm do not swim straight this way, but instead draw a spiral and swim along a certain pattern. At that time, the rotation radius of the sperm drawn by the sperm was 0.5 - 3 μm, the rotation speed was 3-20 rotations per second, and more surprisingly, about 90% of the sperm was swimming with a spiral drawing clockwise .

For further detailsPDF fileYou can read on,PNASIn the presentation made in the magazine, this new method stated that it would be useful in various experiments using sperm, such as testing chemicals, and mentioning the reason why sperm swim clockwise instead of left It is said that it is not done.

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