Tomato's umami & thick butter tangled with sticking noodles Nissinomi no-craftsman "Tomato taste" "Corn and butter taste" I tried it

DryNon-fried noodlesBut"It's as thought raw.Feeling the texture of 'Noodle craftsmanIn the series, arranged vegetables "Tomato flavor"When"Cone and butter flavor"Has appeared on June 11, 2018 (Monday). I tried to eat cup noodles that made use of tomato and basil soup and butter and soup and took advantage of the refreshing acidity of tomato and the gentle sweetness of corn.

"Nissinomi no Takumi tomato taste" "Nissini noodle craftsman cone and butter flavor" (released on June 11) | Nissin Food Group

The left is "Nissinomi craftsman tomato flavor", right is "Nissinomi no craftsman corn and butter flavor" (194 yen including tax). Both are Japanese modern designs. "Nisshin Noodle craftsman"According to the brand site of the company, from August 2017 it is said that the flavor and taste of wheat is improving by incorporating" whole grain flour "into noodles.

"Nissinomi no craftsman tomato flavor" (194 yen including tax) is a ramen that tomato and basil were made effective on chicken-based soup.

The content is 90 g. The raw material shows that the soup contains "Tomato Paste" "Basil".

Heat quantity per meal is 284 kcal.

In the cup, "Kayaku" and "Liquid soup" are included in a separate attachment.

Confirm the whole grain flour grain of brown wheat flour in non-fried noodles. The other noodle craftsman "Corn and butter taste" is also the same type of noodle.

Procedure to eat, first put in the bags quickly. In addition, at first, egg, leek and red pepper are included.

Next, put about 400 ml of hot water to the line.

Lid and leave liquid soup and let it warm for 4 minutes.

Four minutes passed.

Prepare liquid soup afterwards.

Input. Liquid soup is bright red and its viscosity is slightly higher.

When mixing it, "Nissinomi no Takumi tomato taste" is completed. There is a scent reminiscent of acidity and aroma of tomatoes. Basil is the place that looks black in some places.

It looks spicy, but the soup is tomato flavor. It's not spicy, because it's red peppers, not red peppers. At the moment of inclusion in the mouth, the scent of basil and soup tomatoes spread, so Italian atmosphere. From the chicken-based soup, it is seasoned with a combination of umami and acidity of tomatoes.

Noodles are characteristic of noodle craftsmen, like non-fried noodles like raw noodles. Medium-thin straight type noodles are made into slippery, there is a good chewy response like raw noodles. As soup is often entangled with noodles, the fragrance of tomato drifts as soon as you sip noodles. It is a bit disappointing that the fragrance of whole grain wheat contained in noodles is not felt so much because the presence of tomato is strong.

◆ Nissin noodles craftsmen cones and butter flavors
"Nissini noodles craftsmen cone and butter flavor" (194 yen including tax) smells butter and flavor of chicken is felt and it is said that the soup is complemented with the gentle sweetness of corn.

Contents amount is 79 g. Raw materials are "butter oil" in soup. You can quickly see that "cone" and "onion" are included.

Heat quantity per meal is 305 kcal.

In addition to 'Kayaku' in the attached cup, the cup contained "liquid soup" and "seasoning oil" rather than liquid soup, unlike "tomato flavor".

Noodles are medium to small straight non-fried noodles.

How to make, first put a powder soup into the cup.

A scent of chicken soup type drifts from powder soup.

Next, put about 400 ml of hot water to the line.

Just like "Tomato Taste" while warming "Seasoning Oil" on the lid, leave it for 4 minutes.

After 4 minutes have passed, take a lid and you will find a delicious scent of chicken soup series. Uncouple the cup noodles.

After loosening the cup noodles, prepare "Seasoning Oil" separately.

Warm "seasoning oil" has an oily scent like butter.

I put the seasoning oil into the cup.

The appetite will increase with the smell of chicken-based pickles and butter series.

Shioh soup is delicious and salty with umami, and it is good that you are not too overly thanks to the richness of butter.

Since it does not contain plenty of small corn, it is a pleasant existence if you find it like a treasure hunt. It leaves crisp and crunchy and sweetness spreads with juice when chewing.

Flexible non-fried thin fine straight noodles spread smoothly with the smell of butter type. The smell of whole grains was slightly felt with the aroma of butter type.

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