I tried ``Wakame ra noodles without sesame and soy sauce'' where you can enjoy seaweed ramen without noodles

From Acecock's ``

Wakame Ramen '' series, `` Wakame-ra noodles without sesame and soy sauce '', which eliminates noodles and has four times the amount of wakame than before, will appear as a standard item from February 6, 2023 (Monday). . By adding seaweed, sesame, menma, etc. to the soy sauce soup with added umami such as oysters, it is said that it is finished in a very satisfying bowl with a lot of ingredients, not just noodles, so I actually tried it. rice field.

``Wakame Ramen'' Series 2023/2/6 Renewal and New Release | Acecook Co., Ltd.

Wakame ra noodles without sesame and soy sauce packages look like this.

The package is largely appealing as 'no noodles'.

The word 'Men' has been removed from the part that originally entered 'Ramen'.

Raw materials include dried wakame and sesame, powdered soy sauce, dried corn, menma and so on.

Calories are 35 kcal for quick and 11 kcal for soup, for a total of 46 kcal.

When I opened the lid, of course there were no noodles, only powdered soup containing a large amount of wakame, sesame, corn, and bamboo shoots.

Quickly put the powdered soup in the cup and pour hot water.

Wait for 3 minutes like normal cup noodles.

When the lid is opened after 3 minutes, a large amount of wakame swells and covers the soup.

When you eat it, you can see that it is different from a mere ``wakame soup'' because it is mainly composed of a large amount of wakame that has absorbed plenty of sesame-flavored soy sauce soup. The wakame seaweed has a crunchy texture and is satisfying to eat.

'Wakame ra noodles without sesame and soy sauce' will be released at retail stores nationwide from February 6, 2023 (Monday), and the suggested retail price is 214 yen excluding tax.

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