What should be noted when doing remote work?

People who introduced remote work or who are considering introduction draw opinions and create guidelines for remote work and publish them on "Remote only" site.

Remote only

· Manifesto
The point that "If you do remote work, you should do this" is as follows.

1. Hire people around the world, not people around
2. Do not fix when you work, decide flexibly
3. Keeping knowledge by exchanging in text instead of verbally
4. Instead of learning while working, the procedure is written in letters
5. Publish information widely
6. Enable anyone to change all documents
7. It is not synchronousAsynchronous communicationI do
8. Evaluate by achievement rather than working hours
9. The method of communication is defined

· Tips for practice
1. Workers do not need to tell when work is done
2. Long hours work and weekend work are not recommended, nor are they great
3. Tasks are managed using screenshots instead of whiteboards so that anyone can see the whole flow at any time
4. Recommend chatting not related to work
Five.Bonding (contact with the heart)Make group video call to strengthen
6. Recommend video calling (especially when you join the company)
7. Make regular company-wide meetings so that employees who do not engage in business at social gatherings etc. can get to know each other
8. Make an environment that tells "Thank you"
9. Assigning a buddy to newcomers makes it easier for newcomers to consult
10. Enable all employees to view and edit all documents
11. Since all documents are always drafts, they will be shared quickly even if they are incomplete
12. Keep the information easy to write

· Remote work is "not what"
1. There are no "main office" or "head office" where multiple people work
2. Remote does not mean "work individually" but rather takes care of communication and works together
3. Hire a person from all over the world rather than outsourcing work overseas
4. Management is not required, the organization needs the original hierarchical structure, but focuses on output rather than input
5. It is not necessary for each exchanges to go away, but we still need to feel that they are part of the team by cooperating and talking

· How will organization change with remote work?
1. Knowledge is not written as spoken but written down
2. FromAsynchronous communicationTo increase
3. The meeting is shortened, the number of times is reduced
4. It becomes easier to see the inside and outside of the organization
5. Basically all things will be made public
6. Unofficial, official communication increases
7. By increasing the number of records remaining as records, interruptions from other workOJTReduce

· Benefits of employees
1. Flexibility can be given to daily life
2.Commuting time and stressDisappear
3. The cost of commuting can be floated
4. Reduce stress that will interrupt work
5. You can travel without taking a vacation
6. You can move freely
7. Some people tend to communicate easily with remote colleagues who are a little difficult to associate
8. The time when joining the company does not stress much
9. You can eat good at reasonable price because you can eat at home
10. Taxes are cheap in some countries

· Benefits of companies
1. You can employ excellent people without being bound by "Where you live"
2. There are few things distracting, so employees become more efficient
3. Increase employee's loyalty to the company
4. Office rent is unnecessary
5. Hiring in areas with low wages will save you wages
6. You can choose who can act voluntarily
7. You can increase the company rapidly
8. By recommending to focus on results, meetings are reduced and more outputs are obtained
9. Taxes are cheap in some countries

· Benefits of the whole world
1. Since commuting is lost, the impact on the environment decreases
2. Environmentally friendly as it saves office space
3. Giving disadvantages by bringing good salary work to areas with lower wages

· Disadvantages of remote work
1. Scare investors
2. Partner may be afraid
3. Scare some customers
4. Scare some potential employees, especially non-technical senior employers
5. It is more difficult for newcomers to join, and new employees may feel lonely at the first month of joining
6. Some people find it difficult to work in the same places as they sleep and watch movies
7. Lower the communication skills of some people
8. I need to prepare meals

· Why remote work is possible
1. High-speed internet connection from anywhere
2. You have video-enabled software (Google Hangouts, Zoom, etc.)
3. Everyone has a computer named smartphone in their pocket
4. Progress of chat tool (Slack and Mattermost)
5. Task management tool is excellent (Trello and GitHub issues, GitLab issues)
6. Proposal comes (GitHub Pull Requests and GitLab Merge Requests)
7. Static web pages (GitHub Pages and GitLab Pages)
8. Many people are learning English
9. The traffic congestion in the city is increasing

According to "Remote Only", "The idea of ​​a remote organization is still quite new, and it will develop better through your participation."

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