Haagen Dazs tried three types of bar ice of a new flavor of "proposing various values"

Haagen-Dazs 'new flavor'Juicy Bar White Peach & Berry","Crunchy bar coffee & cookie crumbleAnd "Vanilla chocolate macadamia"Is a bar type appearance on June 5, 2018 (Tuesday). Haagen Dazs develops bar type ice cream in the position of "ice cream bar series proposing various values". I tried to eat actually what three kinds of flavors Haagen Dazs proposed with bar type ice, what kind of flavor it is.

"" White peach & berry "" Coffee & cookie crumble "" Vanilla chocolate Macadamia "June 5, 2018 | Haagen Dazs Japan

This is "Hakuhomo & Berry" of Haagen Dazs Bar, "Coffee & Cookie Crumble", "Vanilla Chocolate Macadamia" (tax included 294 yen each). Also, the three are the same size and capacity.

The three ice creams are divided into two large series "Haagen Dazs Juicy Bar" and "Haagen Dazs Crunchy Bar". "White peach & berry" to "Haagen Dazs juicy bar" ...

"Coffee & Cookie Crumble" and "Vanilla Chocolate Macadamia" are positioned as "Haagen Dazs Crunchy Bar".

· White peach & berry
"White peach & berry" (294 yen each tax included) is a concept of "an adult can be enjoyed in summer refined" ice cream bar.

The content of "White peach & berry" is 73 ml, raw materials are written in "ice cream part" and "fruit coating part". By type of ice cream part is "ice cream". "White peach juice", "cream", "egg yolk" and simple materials are used. By type of fruit coating part, "frozen dessert" contains 60% of fruit juice and fruit pulp, and not only ice cream part but also fruit coating part contained "white peach flesh".

Energy is 126 kcal per one.

Inside the box is one "White peach & berry" that has entered a bag written as "Juicy Bar".

"White peach & berry", the surface is wrapped in a berry "Mix berry puree coating".

"Mix berry puree coating" is a layer of two layers of fruit coating. I am wrapping it with white "white peach pulp coating" wrapping white peach ice cream and berry color "mix berry puree coating". The two types of coating on the surface look like fine sorbet, and when it gets sharp, it melts and gives a fruity aroma. "Mix berry puree coating" spreads the fragrance of berries and tells the sweetness and slightly acidity of berry. "White peach pulp coating" contains white peach pulp and it has a sweetness and pulpy feeling gentle. Two layers of fruit coating will support the modest sweetness of white peach ice cream.

"Haagen Dazs Crunchy Bar" where "Coffee & Cookie Crumble" and "Vanilla Chocolate Macadamia" are positioned wraps the ice cream in chocolate coaching with ingredients that you can enjoy the crispness and crunchy texture of crisp crackers " It is a bar ice series made into ice cream.

· Coffee & cookie crumble
"Coffee & cookie crumble" (294 yen including tax).

Coffee Ice cream is wrapped in milk chocolate coaching and chocolate cookie is scattered on the surface.

It can be seen that the content volume is 80 ml, the type of ice cream is "ice cream", the raw materials are "cream", "milk chocolate coaching", "chocolate cookie", "coffee", "coffee oil" .

The energy per piece is 271 kcal.

In the box, there is one "coffee & cookie crumble" in a bag written as "crunch bar".

When you take it out of the bag, you can see that the brown milk chocolate coaching is scratched with chocolate cookies rugged on the surface.

Haagen Dazs Crunchy Bar is an ice cream feels the harmony of coffee bitterness and thick sweetness of chocolate. To the ice cream with a melting mouth with coffee aroma and bitter taste, chocolate cookie with a crispy texture, chocolate on the surface tastes smoothly and the chocolate flavor after a crisp texture. According to the developers, in order to pursue the full flavor of coffee, I stuck to the amount and concentration of coffee in ice cream.

· Vanilla chocolate macadamia
Lastly, "Vanilla chocolate Macadamia" (294 yen including tax)

In addition to orthodox materials such as "Ice cream" for each type of ice cream, "Cream" for raw materials, "Milk chocolate coaching", "Fly macadamia nut" is seen in the content volume 80 ml.

The energy per one is 280 kcal.

I wrapped vanilla ice cream with milk chocolate coaching and studded macadamia nut on the surface. According to the developers, I made a bar with eating response by combining vanilla ice cream and the royal road of chocolate coaching with crispy texture macadamia nuts, making the salt as a hidden taste in the coating while responding to eating The point and comment that finished in the taste which makes the aftertaste clean and makes you want to eat many times repeatedly.

Like the "coffee & cookie crumble" in the box, there is one "vanilla chocolate macadamia" in a bag written as "crunch bar".

"Vanilla chocolate macadamia" looks like a thin color of chocolate than "coffee & cookie crumble". Macadamia nuts on the surface.

"Vanilla chocolate macadamia" is a combination of vanilla ice, chocolate, and nuts, but it is a high level finish anywhere with orthodox. At the moment of eating, the fragrance of vanilla, then the chocolate, and the fragrance of nuts spread. Simple vanilla ice cream is thick and plus the sweetness of milk chocolate as ice cream melts. Good place to enjoy crispy texture of crisp milk chocolate and macadamia nuts is also good. Before eating, I thought vanilla ice would lose to the flavor of chocolate and macadamia nuts, but the presence of vanilla ice was strong, I felt the whole support vanilla ice.

"White peach & berry" and "coffee & cookie crumble" are limited for a limited time. "Vanilla chocolate macadamia" will be sold throughout the year.

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