"Destruction model of planetary civilization" is created based on the case of destruction of Easter Island

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Floating on the Pacific OceanEaster islandIs a huge stone statueMoai statueIt is famous for its existence, it causes environmental depletion and depletion of resources, and in the mid-nineteenth centuryCivilization was destroyedIt is known to be. An astrophysicist who created "an extinction model of civilization" based on the destruction of Easter Island civilization said, "There is a possibility that an alien living on an extra-planetary planet may already have been destroyed by climate change," I am talking.

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I am a professor of physics and astronomy at Rochester University in New YorkAdam FrankMr. Astrobiology astrophysics magazineStudy publishedAnd we announced a model on the long-term impact of human-induced climate change. Based on the case of the destruction of the Easter Island civilization which is the case of the destruction of civilization observed on the earth, Frank's group of researchers said, "When an extraterrestrial life creates a civilization that converts planetary resources into energy , How did the civilization last? "A mathematical model was constructed.

Frank said "The laws of physics reveal what kind of influence the civilizations like us that turns limited resources into energy reveal to the planet and what kind of influence it receives from the planet "It is said that by looking at climate change on a cosmic scale like the model of this time it will give you a hint on how to deal with the ongoing climate change on the planet.

"The case of the destruction of civilization on Easter Island has been taken as a lesson learning the importance of building sustainable civilizations and it is very useful for us," Frank et al. On Easter Island the environmental destruction caused by deforestation has progressed excessively, and the end of civilization came by the occurrence of starvation. Unfortunately, the results calculated by Mr. Frank's civilization destruction model showed that the civilization which converts planetary resources into energy is destroyed considerably in the same way as the case of Easter Island.

byJoseph Illingworth

Mr. Frank discovered four patterns where civilization dictated by limited natural resources headed, using equations modeling Easter Island's population decline and resource depletion. In this research, we use the population of the planet as "indicator of civilization excitement" and that the temperature of the planet is used as "indicator of climate change".

The first pattern is "gradually dying out", the emission of greenhouse gases increases with rapid population growth, the population decreases as the residential environment of the planet deteriorates due to the rise in temperature. Although it is possible that the population decline will be stagnant at a certain level, Frank says, "If seven people in 10 are killed in a developed civilization, the civilization can no longer be maintained," he says, In the pattern "gradually dying out" it is said that the civilization eventually will be destroyed.

The second pattern is a pattern of "sustainable", both population and temperature will rise, but it does not rise further beyond a certain population and temperature. In this pattern, we recognize that civilization "influence the survival of civilization" influences resource management, not to extract energy from planets, but to take energy from sustainable resources . Of the four patterns, only this pattern of "sustainable" seems to be a road where energy mining civilization will not be destroyed.

The third and fourth patterns are patterns that "Mr. Frank calls" destruction ". The third one is a pattern dependent on one resource. As the mining of resources is finished and the available energy disappears, the civilization disappears. The fourth is a pattern that recognizes that the resources used are affecting the environment and begins using another sustainable resource after environmental destruction progresses to a certain extent, the fourth one is slightly longer than the civilization Although it survives, civilization will eventually be destroyed because the damage given at the beginning is too great.

Mr. Frank said, "It is extremely frightening, but even if we turn to a policy to use sustainable resources, we realize the possibility that society as a whole converts resources into energy, even if we become aware that the civilization will be destroyed, It is said that whether the civilization survives or is too late depends on whether the civilization has a foresight or not.

"The extraterrestrial life that people are looking for may also be faced with the crisis of civilization extinction already," Frank said, capping the problem of climate change on a cosmic scale, I am trying to decide whether or not to be broken. Mr. Frank said, "Human beings themselves can decide which categories of the four patterns derived from the mathematical model this time want to enter."

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