Is it 'ant' pulling on the same orbital orbit as terrestrium to terraform Mars with artificial satellites?

Mars, which is being studied as the second settlement site of mankind, because the distance from the sun is far, the average temperature is very low, 30 degrees Celsius, and because the atmosphere is extremely thin, humans are usually ordinary I can not live my life. For that reason, we sent robots etc. first so that human beings can live inTera Forming(Remodeling) the concept that is said, "In addition to that, put Mars on the orbit of the same sun as the EarthHabitable zone (life resident area)It seems that the idea of ​​putting it in "is raised.

Mars is a planet with an equator diameter (about 6794.4 km) of about half of the Earth, and there is a very dilute atmosphere of 0.75% of the Earth. This is thought to be because the gravity is only 40% of the earth, it is considered to be the reason why it can not keep the atmosphere, but on the other hand it is almost the same rotation cycle as the earth (24 hours 39 minutes 35.244 seconds, Some are similar to the earth, such as there are four seasons due to being tilted.


Mars is orbiting the orbit around the outside of the Earth and is thought to be out of reach from the "Habitable Zone" of the solar system shown in dark green in the following figure. Although there is a way of thinking that a habitable zone extends to a light green area depending on theory, there is no doubt that the extremely cold environment of Mars and the thinness of the atmosphere are very hurd for human beings.


The idea that the idea that jumped out could be entered into a habitable zone if bringing Mars to the same orbital orbit as the Earth. Furthermore, this plan seems to have the merit that it becomes easier to make a round-trip as the distance from the Earth becomes close. A movie that verifies such an idea is released.

Moving Mars to the Habitable Zone

Move Mars to the habitable zone and turn it into another Earth? Sure.

Hashem Al-GhailiPosted on Apr 24, 2017

A movie that "human beings can pull Mars to the habitable zone of the solar system". Is it possible that such a thing is possible?

The method gradually pulls Mars using the attraction of the satellite.

And it is a magnificent idea of ​​putting on orbit in the "Habitable zone" of the solar system. Not limited to the solar system, it is thought that each habitable zone exists in a star system, and if it is closer than that it becomes a burning hell, if it is far it becomes an extremely cold land, and an organism that lives on the earth It will become an environment that can not live.

If Mars can be placed in a habitable zone, it will be possible to speed up the pace of terraforming Mars.

In the movie, astrophysicistsNeil Drossz Tyson"Start by changing the orbit of a small meteorite first, then continue moving the next big meteorite ..."

"I can not find a reason why the orbit of the planet can not be shifted!", He talks about the feasibility of this theory.

Although it is a very interesting idea, again, the hurdles for realization seem to be low.

First of all, unexpected changes may be caused by artificially manipulating the trajectory of the celestial body.

It is caused by the fact that two objects are affected by gravityOrbital resonanceThis phenomenon is called.

Celestial bodies contained in a single star system are revolving with each other acting together and balanced. Therefore, it is not necessarily the case that such a situation that artificially changes the movement of the planet will have an adverse effect on resonance and that some of the celestial bodies will be blown off to the other side of the universe due to the collapse of the balance.

Although the mass of Mars is thought to be one tenth of the Earth, it is still a state where no answer has been found as to how to generate energy enough to pull one planet.

Therefore, even considering future scientific development, there seems to be some scientists showing the idea that Terraforming is more realistic for Mars as it is in its current orbit.

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