It is discovered in places where there is no super-mass black hole as much as 17 billion solar sun

Both of the massive black holes that have been discovered so far have been found in "densely packed galaxies". Black holes of 21 billion suns, which is the largest that has been found so far, consists of more than 1000 galaxies "Kamanogei Ginkan) ", And it was thought that a vast galaxy group is involved in enlarging the black hole. However, the discovery of a massive black hole of over 17 billion solar masses is a small group of galaxies composed of about 20 galaxies, which is a discovery that overturns the conventional dogma.

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A super-mass black hole that is close to the maximum record of the sun as much as 17 billion solar cells was discovered from about 20 elliptical galaxies called "NGC 1600" located 200 million light-years away from Earth in the direction of Eridanus . It is a super huge black hole which was thought to be found only in the "galactic city" such as Manhattan, but in the future it may be able to be found in the "depopulated region of the universe".

Chung-Pei Ma, an astronomer at the University of California at Berkeley, who is in charge of the galactic observation organization - MASSIVE Survey, said, "NGC 1600 is an average size galaxy, and the same size galaxy is a considerable number in the universe It is expected that there will be fifty times more NGC 1600 grade galaxies than the giant clusters like the Banbai Ginza.

In addition, the black hole discovered this time is known to be ten times as heavy as the mass predicted from the scale of the galaxy, and it seems that it grew in a form not applicable to the conventional measurement method. In one theory, this massive black hole is seen as a result of the combination of two black holes. Due to the rapid growth from two black holes to a large mass black hole, Mr. Ma said, "The black hole that has become such a large mass would have actively absorbed gases in the surrounding galaxy," , It is also an explanation that large black holes existed in a small galaxy.

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