I tried all 2 kinds of "Jelly in Soda" all three kinds of "Brandonats" mixed with dietary fiber cereal with jelly and crispy cream · donut

Kellogg's cereal to the donut "All brand original"I thought about"Bran Donut"All three kinds and a carbonated drink containing Jerry as Turlun"Jerry in Soda"All 2 types appeared in Krispy · Cream · Donuts for a limited time from Wednesday June 6, 2018. I tried to find out what kind of finish the donut containing dietary fiber about 1 banana and carbonated drink containing newly introduced jelly.

Delivery of three types of delicious brandonnuts deliciously delicious and deliciously "ALL BLANG ORIGINAL" of about 1 dietary fiber banana ※ "BRAN NEW BRAN" limited edition from Wednesday, June 6, 2018 | Krispy Kreme Donuts | Press release

BRAN NEW BRAN, three delicious and delightful brandy donuts that deliciously brewed "All Blunt Original" for about one dietary fiber banana From 6th June, 2018, Wednesday, Crispy · Cream · Donut Limited for all time Sales | May 16, 2018 Nippon Kellogg LLC
(PDF file)https://www.kelloggs.jp/content/dam/Asia/kelloggs_jp/ja_JP/images/PDF/20180516_食物繊維バナナ約1本分の「オールブラン オリジナル」を練りこんだドーナツ3種が、クリスピー・クリーム・ドーナツより発売.pdf

A summer soda drink that Jelly and Turlun can play delicious in the mouth! Jelly in Soda "Pineapple Tea" "Peach & Lemon" From 6th June, 2018, Wednesday, June 2, we will sell 2 types of drink for limited time only | Krispy Kreme Donuts | Press Release

Arrived at Crispy · Cream · Donut.

In front of the shop there was a poster informing of the appearance of all three kinds of brandonuts of the newly appearing "BRAN NEW BRAN" series. This time, "Jelly in Soda Peach & Lemon" and "Jelly in Soda Pineapple Tea" of Brandeon's "Coffee Bran", "Berry & Yogurt Bran", "Maple Bran" and Carbonated Drink "Jerry in Soda" that appeared on the same day We will order both short sizes.

When ordering, the shop clerk immediately sent "Jelly in Soda Peach & Lemon" (left back) and "Jelly in Soda Pineapple Tea" (right back), "Coffee Bran" (left front), "Berry & Yogurt Bran" ), And "Maple Blanc" (right front) were offered.

Bran Donut
Bran donuts are donuts that incorporate "All Blunt Original" using Kellogg's classic serial with wheat's outer skin (blanc) in the classic "Yeast Fabric" of Crispy Cream Donuts.

Bran donuts are all about the same diameter about 10 cm per piece. One donut contains dietary fiber for about 1 banana.

· Coffee Blanc
"Coffee Blanc" (single item: 248 yen including tax) is a coffee chocolate coated on a donut fabric containing "All Blunt Original" and striped coffee sauce in half of the table.

As a topping, on the other half of the surface, we have a coffee taste kellogg granola.

Bran donut 's fabric is finished like bread fragrant, which is slightly sweet and soft wheat. A soft fragrance drifts from the wheat blanc into the soft yeast fabric. Coffee chocolate and sauce feel the sweetness first and tighten the taste with the bitterness of the aftertaste. Granola adds an accent of the crisp texture to a soft fabric. Sweetness and bitterness, and dough and granola, there is sharpness in taste and texture.

· Berry & Yogurt Blanc
Next is "Berry & Yogurt Bran" (248 yen including tax). It is one with yoghurt cream put in a dough kneaded with an all-blanc. Paste creamy paste with strawberry and raspberry fruit juice "Icing" and "White chocolate" and lay freeze-dried bright red strawberry granules as a topping.

Berry & Yogurt Bran is quite sweet with both coating and cream inside. The yoghurt cream in the dough is smooth and sweet, moderate acidity, the fabric which became a cavity to put the cream is soft and the presence of yoghurt cream is strong, so fragrance of the bran is modest. Icing of the coating can taste the scent of strawberry, sweet and sour and fruity aroma. I feel it is finished sweetest among all three types of brandonuts.

· Maple Blanc
"Maple blanc" (single item: 227 yen including tax) is a donut wrapped in a maple sugar mix for the whole of the dough that has been kneaded with all-blanc.

Add Maple Jelly attached as you like.

Maple Jelly imagined a Trollate like a maple syrup, but as it gets its name as Jelly has a higher viscosity, there is no worry that it will spill out of a donut through a donut.

Maple blanc is a simple taste with fragrance blanc. I can feel the softness of first yeast fabric and the fragrance of a brilliant blanc in all three kinds of brandonat. Maple jelly is modest in sweetness, you can add plush sweetness of maple syrup style while keeping the fragrance of the bran.

◆ Jerry in Soda
Next is "cold carbonated drink" containing "Jerry in Soda" containing "Jelly in Soda" "Peach & Lemon" on the left and "Pineapple Tea" on the right (389 yen including tax). Both drinks contain lemon jelly.

The height of the short size cup is about 10 cm.

· Jerry in Soda Peach & Lemon
"Peach & lemon" (389 yen including tax), "Peppers and lemon taste" "Jelly in soda"

It contains lemon jelly and flesh of white peach.

If you drink it after mixing well, at first jelly jelly jumps into the mouth when lemon jelly is clogged inside the straw and you can not drink it easily, sucking in. In the ornate fragrance of peach, refreshing lemon acidity is made, carbonic acid is refreshing and refreshing drink.

· Jerry in soda pineapple tea
"Pineapple tea" (389 yen including tax) is "Jelly in soda" combining tea and pineapple.

A drink feels a tropical flavor of pineapple and stimulation of carbonate. Because the pineapple's sweet and sour flavor and presence of carbonic acid are strong, I felt the scent of black tea fragrant slightly after drinking.

Bran Donut 's "Coffee Bran", "Berry & Yogurt Blanc", "Maple Bran" are scheduled to be available until mid July 2018, Jelly in Soda's "Pineapple Tea" and "Peach & Lemon" in 2018 9 I plan to do it until the middle of the month.

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