Usagi I have eaten the limited-time donut "Happy Hunt Easter" of the Prismatic Crispy Cream · Donut

At Krispy · Cream · DonutEasterEaster announces donuts every year when it comes to the time of Easter. 2016 is "Happy Hunt Easter"Entitled" Caramel Easter "" Milky Easter Bunny "" Strawberry Cheese Egg "Three period limited donuts appeared, so I tried it at once.

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That's why I came to Krispy · Cream · Donuts at once.

A poster of "Happy Hunt Easter" is affixed in the store ... ...

I found three period limited donuts in the showcase. Rabbits in the donut and chicks drawn in chocolate on the surface of the donut are lined in large quantities.

So I got three kinds of Happy Hunt Easter.

2014Ya2015Easter appeared as a limited menu, donuts drawn chicks that are no longer standardized are "Caramel Easter(230 yen including tax) ". The yellow of the chick is represented by the chocolate coating of the pudding flavor, and the caramel cream whose fragrance has been upgraded inside.

In the lower part of the chick, roasted almonds topping in large quantities.

The mouth part is drawn with mango sauce.

I tried it at once, but the caramel cream that should be inside is not coming out.

When eating forward to about half a caramel cream appeared. When there is no caramel cream, the flavor of the pudding is a slightly felt donut, but when the caramel cream enters the mouth the flavor becomes rich at a stretch. The roasted almonds at the lower part of the chick are very fragrant, and the texture of crispy as well as accented makes the completion of the entire donut quite different if there is this or not.

This will be the first appearance "Milky Easter Bunny(250 yen including tax) ".

The donut is coated with green vanilla chocolate and sprinkles are topped on it.

The rabbit is expressed with a pie ear attached to the face of milk cream. It is cute that not only his face but also his forefoot is out.

So I tried it at once. Green vanilla chocolate is modest in sweetness but it is a chocolate featuring vanilla's smooth sweetness. Pepper petit texture of sprinkle being topped is accented, and those who are not good at sweetness are enough to satisfy this alone. On the other hand, the rabbit expressed with milk cream is finished very sweetly, so when you say "If you want more sweetness" you can pervert a rabbit.

Since milk cream is a soft one, I thought "How rabbits are fixed in the hole of the donut?", I filled the crackers of the same size as the holes of the donut in the holes Cream was on top.

"Strawberry cheese egg(230 yen including tax) "is a donut with a pattern of easter eggs drawn.

The coating is based on strawberry chocolate, but the line is drawn with purine chocolate and green vanilla chocolate.

Inside the donut there is a strawberry cream with cream cheese inside. Donut can feel the sweetness and flavor of strawberries sufficiently only with the coating strawberry chocolate. Strawberry cream inside has no cream cheese feeling, but the sweet and sourness of strawberries is felt well. However, it seems that the flavor of the cream is strawberry flavored chocolate flavor rather than strawberry flavor. In addition, among the three types of donuts this is the 1st sweetest.

Also available for a limited time "Strawberry Sangria TeaWe also drank together. Strawberry Sangria tea is short for 370 yen including tax, Toll is 420 yen including tax.

Fresh fruit tea with a fresh scented Earl Gray plus plain fruit strawberry sauce and sangria syrup with cherry juice, topped with dry strawberries.

Since strawberry sauce became easier to collect at the bottom of the container, it was that "Please drink while mixing." Elegrey scent and strawberry sauce juice sensation, fresh sweetness of sangria syrup with cherry juice match, making it a very drinkable drink. However, since the donut is sweet, the sweetness of the drink itself is discreet.

In addition, "Happy Hunt Easter" is a limited-time sale from March 23 (Wednesday) 20th April 26th (Tue), and it ends as soon as it is gone.

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