I play "Pokemon Quest" which can be played with Nintendo Switch for free

A game exploring the mysterious island "Kakurokojima" together with the squatted Pokemon which is distributed free as a game for Nintendo Switch from May 30, 2018 is "Pokemon quest"is. Applications for iOS and Android are scheduled to be released in June, 2018, but since the Nintendo Switch version was released as soon as possible, I tried playing and checking what kind of game it is actually .

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"Pokemon quest" is a story game where players who came to a small island called Kakkoro Island explore islands with square-changing Pokemon.

The whole image of the island looks like this. At first it starts from the yellow green stage on the bottom left. If the stage is different for each color, it will be all 11 stages.

When playing with the controller, a finger-type cursor appearing in the red frame below is displayed. It is better to hold the Nintendo Switch by hand and touch the screen rather than playing by moving the cursor with the stick.

The monster ball type drone explores the island ... ...

Accident occurred, drones broke down. Initialization will allow you to move the drone again, but the data will be lost.

It was a drone "Moby" headed for reconnaissance of Caccolo Island, but since the data disappeared, you will be invited to Pokemon who lives on the island.

That's why I choose Pokemon to be my friend first. You can select 5 Pikachu · Eve · Fusidigane · Lizard / Zenigame. Tap your favorite Pokemon ......

Tap "Yes".

With this, the first Pokemon became a friend.

Then search part. The player puts out Pokemon he made as a friend to explore. Pokemon enclosed by a yellow green frame in the red arrow part is a friend's Pokemon.

When Pokemon discovers the wild Pokemon it approaches automatically ... ...

I attack. The light blue gauge is the player's Pokemon's HP, the red gauge shows the wild Pokemon's HP.

Furthermore, if you tap "Electric shock" or "10 man volt" at the bottom of the screen ... ...

You can activate Special Moves and aim for great damage. If you use a deadly technique, the icon will gray out like a red frame and you will not be able to use it for a certain period of time.

When you kick off the wild Pokemon like this, the boss Pokemon appears at the end of the stage.

If this is also destroyed ......

It will be stage clear.

When you clear the stage the level of Pokemon will rise.

In addition, Pokemon quest has equipment item "P Stone" to strengthen Pokemon ... ...

You can get P stone by clearing the stage.

Tap the Pokemon icon at the bottom of the screen to equip the P stone you get.

P - stone will fit in the slot called "P charm" of Pokemon of Kakurokojima.

Tap the P stone in the red frame part ... ...

Move it to an open slot and it is OK. Care must be taken that the type of P stone that can be installed in each slot is determined.

I am going to explore again when I become strong with P Stone. Tap "Exploring the Island" at the bottom right of the screen.

Tap the red frame part where Pokemon is displayed.

Tap again to start adventure.

Battle with the peculiarly appearing Pokemon that caught my eye on caccolo island ... ...

Pikachu raised the level. Slots for attaching a new P stone to the red frame part have been released, and it is possible to strengthen Pokemon with level up and equipment of P Stone like this with such feeling.

Tap "Base Camp" at the bottom right on "Island Adventure" screen.

Tap the gray object that is placed in the base camp.

Then you can cook. When you cook, Pokemon gathers at the base camp and you can make it a friend.

How to cook is easy.

Put the favorite thing from the stock of the hand in the pan and tap "Start cooking".

Tap "Yes".

Then I started cooking. However, "0/2" is displayed on the top of the pot. This is "the number of expeditions that must be cleared before the dish is completed", and if you explore twice, the dish will be completed.

In addition, when cooking for the first time, you can complete the dish at once by using the item "FS gift certificate".

Tap the FS gift certificate at the top right of the screen ......

It is available at regular time intervals.

When cooking is completed tap the pot.

I got a "kakuro rope".

Then Pokemon came to the base camp from nowhere.

Pink exclamation mark is displayed for Pokemon who came new to base camp, so tap this.

Then you become a friend.

To explore with Pokemon who became friends, tap "Team formation".

This is the team formation screen.

If you move to a slot that is opened by tapping & holding a Pokemon that is not built in the team ......

It is added to team members. After completing team formation, tap the icon at the bottom right of the screen and it is ok.

In the screen for selecting the stage to be explored, the number displayed on the stage of the yellow green color (650 in the case below) indicates the strength of the enemy, and the number of the orange color below it In case 660) shows the strength of your team, it will be a guide when selecting the stage.

That's why the first Pokemon 3 battle fight start.

Its Special Move is prepared for each Pokemon each time so you can tap the button at an appropriate timing and OK. It is quite troublesome to select this Special Move Button if you are using the controller. You can also fully automate the battle by tapping "AUTO" at the bottom left of the screen, so you will be able to hand out the deadly technique without permission at the appropriate timing.

Of course, each Pokemon will be expanded with P charm, so it would be nice if you get a P Stone and equip it a little.

Tap 'Quest' at the bottom left of the screen.

Then, various quests are displayed as follows. Items that can be used in the game can be obtained each time the condition is cleared, so it may be helpful for the situation to break down if you see it when the exploration goes down.

Exploring and raising the level of Pokemon, getting a P stone ... ....

The main trend of Pokemon quest is to gradually strengthen the team by making cooking and getting new Pokemon.

When the team gets stronger I will go to the battle with the boss who will wait at the end for every stage.

You can get special items like the following if you destroy the boss wonderfully.

Furthermore, when you clear the stage ... ...

You will be able to proceed to the new stage.

Also, by getting the special items you get, by tapping 'MOYUGAUGA' in the base camp ......

You can place it in the base camp. Tap on "Stone statue of prosperity" that you got.

Tap any of the light blue frames to complete the placement.

The flow of play of Pokemon quest is like this, the impression that it is an operation method and UI that you can see well that it was developed for smartphones. Honestly there are no complicated operations or actions, so it seems a bit insufficient for playing with the Nintendo Switch, but since the crowded Pokemon who runs around Tekketek running in the screen is cute, play it once for free Ali is enough to see.

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