The appearance of "watch" greatly improved the productivity of mankind

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We act acting on the concept of "time" on a daily basis, such as "the work ends in two hours" and "I have to wake up at 7 o'clock tomorrow" tomorrow. With the introduction of "clock" which measures time, people have come to understand existence of time, but it seems that the appearance of watch had a big influence on human productivity.

Time for Growth by Lars Boerner, Battista Severgnini :: SSRN

Clocks & amp; Economic Growth - Lars Boerner & Battista Severgnini Study | National Review

An economistLars BornerWith Mr.Batista SavaniniHe is studying the relevance between the development of new technology and economic development. According to the research conducted by two people on "the appearance of the watch and the long-term growth in Europe", in the area where we observed astronomical phenomena such as solar eclipse and lunar eclipse in Europe, "clock" It was said that it was adopted as deciding time.

Since astronomical phenomena including solar eclipse and lunar eclipse were deeply involved in the Bible, research on astronomy was conducted mainly in monasteries in Europe. Mr. Borner and Mr. Savanini pointed out that the growing interest in astronomy at the monastery,Astra RobeAnd the development of the clock and time, we have said that it has led to the development of mechanical watches.

In the 14th century mechanical clocks were made in Italy's Milan, Strasbourg in France, Lund in Sweden, and in the 15th century mechanical clocks were installed in public places. And in a city where a clock is installed in a public place, it is said that a substantial increase in population has been confirmed.


Since the increase in population is used as an indicator of industry and economic development in the old age, it can be said that the economy has developed in cities where public timepieces were established early. Mr. Borner said that there is evidence that public watches were utilized in the city to coordinate the various activities of people. "By the fact that the watch was installed in a public place as the opportunity , People say they became conscious of "time".

For example before the introduction of the clock the sunrise time is the start time of the market, the noon where the sun is the highest was the end time. However, it is said that the time to open the market by introducing a clock was decided at a certain time without being influenced by the season. In addition, by dividing the opening hours of the market into multiple pieces, the hierarchy to be accessed is classified as time to "Access time of consumer to market", "Time when retailer comes to market", "Time when wholesaler comes to market" Different things were also done. By dividing people who access the market, it will be possible to operate more efficient markets.

At the same time, the introduction of the watch brought the concept of "hour unit price" to the workers and also had the effect of accurately measuring the class hours of the university. The introduction of watches in the public has played a role in making things more efficient, and it has led to improvement in productivity by preventing people from wasting unnecessary time.

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Meanwhile, it seems that introduction of watch did not smoothly lead to improvement of productivity. The fact that workers have the concept of "unit price" means that in France there is a situation in which the guilds conflict about working hours and the amount of work done per hour.

Mr. Borner said that it is after the production of an appropriate labor culture that watches help improve productivity, "slowly and gradually the productivity has gradually improved," he said.

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