A board game "Gentes Deluxified Edition" aiming to win by developing civilization in the ancient Mediterranean Sea

"Gentes"Is a country's leader on the ancient Mediterranean coast, developing the civilization and developing the country. The number of players is 2 to 4 people, the play time is assumed to be around 90 minutes. Furthermore, "Deluxified Edition" which coins and markers used in the game became full-fledged specification has appeared.

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You can see what kind of game "Gentes" is by watching the following movie.

"Gentes" is set in ancient Europe, and the board has a map of the Mediterranean. "Gentes" means "clan" in ancient Rome.

Since the game is set to be 6 rounds in all and 1 time every 2 rounds, the game will end after 3 age. The first half of the period is "heyday", the second round is "declining period".

The board that the player uses is like this. It is roughly divided into two parts, an action tile storage space and a worker panel.

Players can choose various actions such as building buildings, acquiring workers, building cities. With the cost of money you have to pay the number written on the top left of the action tile, players can place action tiles on their player board by paying this.

The action also has the concept of time, and the number of hourglasses written on the top right of the action tile is important. When placing the action tile on the player board, you must also place the hourglass on the action tile.

The number of action tiles you can put at a time is fixed. Also, since there is only one hourglass per round, if you put the actions that require two hourglasses, the hourglass will remain even in the next round and the number of actions that can be taken will be reduced I will excuse you. It can be said that how to handle the concept of time is the key to the game.

Six types of labor are offered, aristocrats, craftsmen, warriors, merchants, priests, scholars. Since aristocrats and craftsmen, warriors and merchants, priests and scholars are paired each other, it is also said that if one tries to increase one decreases the other.

You can get a card by building a building. There are various effects on the card, and you can earn victory points by winning again. Ultimately the player with the highest victory point will win.

"Gentes Deluxified Edition" makes the coin used as money a metal medal, finishing the action tile with wood, making the bundle more luxurious, so that you can enjoy this game of "Gentes" while enjoying the world view more It is a specification that became.

"Gentes Deluxified Edition" is now looking for commercialization Kickstarter is looking for investment. For the target amount of 40,000 dollars (approx. 4.4 million yen), the investment amount already exceeding 210,000 dollars (about 23 million yen) has gathered at the time of article creation. Benefits are also promised according to the contribution amount. Gentes: Standard Edition is over $ 45 (about 4900 yen), English version of Gentes: Deluxified Edition is over $ 59 (about 6500 yen) or more, Gentes: Deluxified Edition of Dutch language of over $ 60 (about 6600 yen) French, German, Italian, Polish translated versions are available to choose from. Delivery to Japan is also possible, and $ 19 (about 2100 yen) as a shipping cost is required separately.

The investment is accepted until 14 o'clock on February 17, 2018 in Japan time, and you can invest from the following link.

Gentes - Deluxified ™ Edition by Michael Mindes - Kickstarter

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