Human bed is dirtier than chimpanzee bedding

byKeith Kissel

Researchers at North Carolina State University conducted a survey to compare bacteria and organisms collected in Tanzania chimpanzee beds and human beds in the same way and found that chimpanzees' bedding was surprisingly kept cleaner than a human bed I discovered that I was tired.

Unlike humans, chimps do not sleep in their own fecal bacteria - CNET

"In a human bed you can find bacteria that are in your home," said Megan Thoemmes, a student at North Carolina State University who worked on the study. According to Thoemmes, about 35% of the bacteria that can be collected in a human bed are derived from the human body and are said to be bacteria related to feces, oral cavity and skin. In addition, it is known that various kinds of bacteria are breeding among the houses in which humans live,Research published in 2013According to the same bacteria found in both the seat and the pillow cover attached to the toilet seat of the toilet, even human beds can not be said to be completely clean.


In the study, we used a cotton swab to collect samples from 41 wild chimpanzee beds, and insects and spiders were discovered on bedding only in 15 beds. However, in chimpanzee beds, almost no fecal, oral and skin-related bacteria found in human beds were found to be found, "Most of these bacteria were not found in chimpanzee bedding, which for our researchers It was amazing, "said Thoemmes.

Research results by Thoemmes et al.Open ScienceWith Open Science, one of the platformsAnnouncementIt has been.

Ecology of Sleeping | Open Science

While humans sleep on the same bed over and over again, chimpanzees usually sleep only once in a single bed. For this reason, the paper says, "The reason for this kind of movement (using bed only once) is that the pathogens and pests prevent bacterial degradation related to sleep and smell of bacteria that may attract predators It is thought that it is in order to reduce it. "

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