In which room of your house are the most insects?

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Research team of entomologists of North Carolina State University and the California Academy of Sciences, of open access that targets all areas of natural science and clinical science electronic journalScientific ReportsAccording to the paper published above, the house where we live is an environment that is sufficiently comfortable for insects lurking in the basement, crossing the floor of the kitchen, or lurking in the carpet, and how clean and organized , It seems that various kinds of insects are inhabited everywhere in the house.

The Habitats Humans Provide: Factors affecting the diversity and composition of arthropods in houses | Scientific Reports

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In the study, over 50,000 insects were collected from 50 houses in Raleigh, North Carolina regardless of life or death. About 47 kinds of insects collected areSeaweed spot· This louse ·Fruit fly- It seems that it was harmless thing that can be found in many houses, such as ladybugs. On the other hand, it seems that pests such as Nankozi, termites, fleas have been found to be rare.

The following pictures are the 5 kinds of insects most found in the survey.

A:Longhorn beetle, B: cabbage, C: black mushroom fly, D: ant, E: flea

It seems that more kinds of insects live in the living room with carpet spreading outdoors than other rooms. There are several reasons for this. Generally speaking, the living room tends to be larger than the shared bathroom, so there are more spaces where insects live than others. And since there are more doors and windows connected to the outside than other rooms, it is said that it tends to be a space where more various insects live. The carpet laid in the living room is hard to explain anything, there are many insects living in it, and there are many insects which are dead while being caught in the fiber on the surface.

Residents of 50 houses that were sampled were surveyed about the plants placed in the house and the pets they keep, and based on the findings of this survey, researchers scored the degree of dirtiness of each house According to the researcher, "Cleanliness of the house" is not related to "the number of kinds of insects found in the house" largely though it is. On the other hand, having a pet seems to be a more important element than cleanliness, so a house keeping a cat rather than a house keeping a dog has more insects collected in the house It seems that there were few kinds. However, as for this result, it is said that the number of samples is too small to give reliable conclusion.


Since this research was a survey using 50 houses in the same area as samples, there is a great possibility that different results will come out in different areas and different seasons. Therefore, the research team is expanding the scope of investigation to six continents, and is conducting further investigation. Also, in the research, people who allowed home research as samples knew that "researchers visit their homes for investigation", and said that there is a possibility that the houses were lightly cleaned up before that, There is a possibility that such an act distorts the relationship between the cleanliness of the house and the type of insect found.

Nevertheless, as the survey results show, it is clear that a wide variety of insects are inhabited not only in the house but also in cleanliness and filthiness, and the results of this research will be the first step in deepening their understanding of such insects I can say However, this survey is a survey of "types of insects inhabiting the house", and it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that it is not about "the number of insects living in the house".

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