I bought shopping before the convenience store "save-on" originating in Gumma disappeared

Who thought that long ago, that Daiei would be gone? The flow of time that you do not know about the necessity of prospects, staying to the future, sometimes deprives us of what we care. Someday it will fade away, it is too lonely to wait for that time without doing anything. That's why I want to make the last memories.

Hello,Takuya SAITO who did a round around the world by bicycle @ Charridermanis. I used to ride around Japan on a bicycle before, so Japanese convenience stores have an indescribable feeling. Located in HokkaidoSeicomartI have point cards. That's why the convenience store "Gumma"Save onI knew it would disappear, but I could not stand even if I stayed.

◆ Restructuring convenience store industry
"Seven Eleven comes in NagoyaI remember the story of a traveler born in Nagoya. In 2002, I was talking about cycling around Japan on a bicycle. Speaking of "convenience store in Aichi"Circle Kwas. It is a convenience store business that Uny which was originated from Aichi was developing under license. It seems like a lie now, but at that time, there was no Seven Eleven in Nagoya. There was not almost in Aichi prefecture.

Seven - Eleven Notice of opening the first store in Nagoya city and Okazaki city - Full opening of stores in Aichi prefecture !! Opening 80 stores by February 2003 ~
(PDF file)http://www.sej.co.jp/mngdbps/_material_/localhost/pdf/2002/120301.pdf

Seven - Eleven / Initial opening to Aichi prefecture | LNEWS back number

Why is there not a 7-Eleven in Aichi, Gifu, Mie? - Transfer from Kanto to Tokai - Super · Convenience store | Tell me! Goo

That circle K was originally owned by NagasakiyathanksAnd business integration in 2001 and "Circle K SunkusIn addition, since the parent company Uni became a member of FamilyMart, in 2018 all shops were completely "Family MartIt is supposed to be converted to.

In the same way, Aichi originatedCoco StoreWas absorbed by Family Mart. The picture is a shop in Okinawa.

Japanese retailers have power in local chains as well as national chains. Kagoshima's "Taiyo", Hiroshima's"Izumi (Yume Town)Ehime's "Fuji", Wakayama's"OkuwaThe case of the supermarket like "is easy to understand. In that prefecture there were shops in most cities and towns. There were countries where only overseas national chains were seen, so there is something to look out for in the strength of the regional economy in Japan.

As my local Fukuoka, the supermarket is "Nishitetsu store"Maruko"Hello Day", The discount store is"Mr. Max", The home center is"Good day"Nafco"Families"JoyfulWith such feeling, only the Kyushu ground shops will be noticed.

The same was true for convenience stores. Apart from national chains such as Seven Eleven, FamilyMart, Lawson, there was a strong convenience store in the province. However, as a result of fierce market share fight among companies, convenience stores in rural areas are disappearing in recent years.

I came across Hiroshima and I often found it in Chugoku districtpoplarHas a business alliance with Lawson. In the San-in district "Lawson poplarDeveloped a double-branded store named. The picture is a store in Tokyo.

Originating from KanagawaThree fThe single store is gone. "Lawson Three F"We are switching to a double brand store called.

Also, the save-on from Gumma is also absorbed by Lawson. Save on is headquartered in Gumma Super "Beysia"It was a convenience store project. Switching of stores is progressing here as well.

Save-on, full-scale conversion to Lawson: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

"Save-on" turns into all stores "Lawson" Impact of Gumma citizens Behind the sign How about "Baked Manju"? (1/4 page) - Sankei Biz (Sankei Biz)

◆ It is already in Gunma
Save-on was a convenience store where memories remained when I went around Japan. That is why, if it disappears, I felt a sense of mission that I would like to shop again at the end. Already, there are only Gunma prefectures that have store on store.

A nice thing, a good deal

Official websiteStore searchAlso in this way, only the Gunma prefecture is painted on the map.

The stores that were in Yamagata, Fukushima, Niigata, Ibaraki, Saitama, Chiba, Tochigi are already switched to Lawson. A convenience store coffee 's mascot' Every 'had a farewell speech with Twitter.

◆ To save on
If you are in the center of Gumma such as Maebashi City and Takasaki City, you could easily visit save-on, but there was no business to go to Maebashi or Takasaki. Therefore, it is said to be the stage of the tea ceremonyMaorinjiI decided to go to save on as I went sightseeing.

However, there is a save-on also in Tatebayashi City, Gunma Prefecture, where there is Maolin Temple, but since access from the station was bad, I gave up and I aimed for "Save on Era Kagoshiji Store" near the book Nakano station on Tobu Koizumi Line I decided to.

I can not read it as the first name of "Ora Town (Odorichi)". "Why is YOU going to Okura-machi?" "To shop on save-ons," he is lonely with Nori Tsukkomi. A train of two-car train arrived at the book Nakano station. It was a rural station with few people getting off and riding. It was fresh that the IC card reading terminal stood up, not an automated ticket gate that would make it clear.

I will walk south toward the main street just west of the station. It was a peaceful residential area.

There was a save-on when I walked a bit over a large intersection with a signal. It is a store with large parking lot.

A sign pole that lets you know the store logo even from a distance. Maybe it's a bit low.

Full view of the store. I wanted this picture.

Store logo drawn on the wall. Design that red stands out.

Actually, it seems that this is an old design store, the newly designed store is more chic and calm atmosphere. The width of the appearance trademark red and orange borders is also narrow, and the background of the store logo is also not a red land but a white background.

It is said that it was a venerable shop ... ....

The inside of the shop itself is not so changed. I tried it beforehand on the net and tried to purchase some "seeming" things. Below, the price is tax inclusive notation.

Popular 39 yen ice price rose to 48 yen. Still cheap.

128 yen of carbonara and 150 yen of udon noodle. This price is a nice place at this price.

The big chain rice balls and sandwiches are impressions that have been replaced as they are when the expiration date comes, but at the time of save-on, the half price seal was stuck first as with supermarkets etc.

Puff is special price 78 yen.

Cup noodles of local manufacturers using local mascot called "Gunma chan" and cup fried noodles were also placed.

Somehow, I could shop again with save on while I was alive, my chest got down. It was satisfied.

Why do not you go shopping once before that time. According to the report, all stores will be closed by August 2018 and will be converted to Lawson.

◆ Notice from Chariderman
Event to be held tomorrow is the last notice. Although I continued Gunma Story, it is located in the port of Moji in Kitakyushu City, not GummaINFO SHOP big city Moji portI will perform a talk live at the shop called. Rates are by campaign and 1 drink, it is from 16 o'clock to 18 o'clock. If you are interested, please come and visit us.

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