Google accounts in the company are BANed together, causing a great confusion, the cause is "joke"

byJay Wennington

To the thread called "Today I Fucked Up (TIFU)" which means "I got big hem today," which exists on Reddit on the foreign bulletin board, "The Google account used in the company has been BANed A comment called "It is posted and it is called a topic.

TIFU by getting Google to ban our entire company while on the toilet: tifu

This miserable comment was posted by Reddit users who are working at software development companies with about 100 to 150 employeesikindafuckedupsorryMr. In a company where ikindafuckedupsorry works, I have been using Gmail and other Google services for about 2 years and I heard that most of my work relies on Google services. "It's no exaggeration to say that any employee is using some kind of service from Gmail or Google." And since the company set up the Google account used by the employee, all employee accounts are connected.

A colleague who is developing an Android application is sitting next to the seat of ikindafuckedupsorry in the company, and ikindafuckedupsorry is also in the app development department,Titanium Backup ★ rootI was developing an application to clone / restore .apk files like.

Each time they released a paid Android application, they repeated a fixed "joke". Contents of the content, after purchasing the app by ikindafuckedupsorry creates a clone, then after making a refund, please send a clone version to a colleague "Look at this cool app, see it is completely free! I was sending it at Gmail.

byMatam Jaswanth

Since there was a new application release the other day, ikindafuckedupsorry created a clone as usual. I created an email with my smartphone and sent it to my colleagues from the company's toilet around 10 AM.

After about 1 hour elapsed, people in trouble say "I can not access my Google Account" within the company. Originally Ikindafuckedupsorry who was looking at the situation for a long time saw the colleague asking for help, and found that the Google account was BANed as violating the service terms of service.

In the afternoon, the inside of the company that depended on Google's service was huge. I will not be able to contact Google and BAN will be done up to the account where the recovery option was set up and it will be in a situation where I can no longer reach out anything.

Ikindafuckedupsorry, who decided to go home because he was not at work, again confirmed Google's terms of service and found the item "Ban all relevant accounts when abusing refund policy" and in-house I noticed the fact that all Google accounts on BAN were done.

byJack Sharp

Because Google does not tell us the cause of BAN, the problem is not solved, and ikindafuckedupsorry's company uses Skype for business contact. However, ikindafuckedupsorry is convinced that his own action is the cause of BAN, "I want to contact you if there are people who can solve the problem."

In addition, due to the fact that Reddit released the circumstances in this way, there was a message from a person saying that the situation of the company can be saved. It seems there were some outcomes filled with shame.

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