A couple who saved their boss's life, they are kicked out in company restructuring

It seems that there are couples who have been restructured a few months after saving their boss's life and have been kicked out of the company's house. Life rescue and work are not directly related, but treatment that makes you feel unreasonable in life is a treatment.

Details are as below.
Saved life of boss ... then fired - Northern Territory News

Sharon Hegyi who was a clerk at Tipperary Station in Australia for seven years. Mr. Sharon who was also a nurse said that when the financial manager of the station caused a heart attack, he prepared medicine, inhaled oxygen and called an ambulance. However, before the ambulance arrives the condition of the financial manager suddenly changes. Mr. Sharon who thought that it would be dead as it was, asked Mr. David of her husband working as a mechanic in the same work place to drive and tried to bring it as close as possible to the hospital. Mr. David 's driving car meets an ambulance in the middle of the road and the finance manager is taken to the hospital for a while to be absent from work.

However, the Hegyi and his wife who finished the holiday after Christmas got fired from the company and ordered to leave the company house within two weeks. According to the letter of the Human Resources Department, David said that the reason for dismissal was due to restructuring, "Mr. David said," It was a shock, although there are five children, my house is not working and my house is gone, I think I can easily find other jobs I want to return to my previous job. "

Mr. and Mrs. Hegy who were fired.

David Warriner, General Manager of Tipperary Station, knew that Sharon saved his finance manager's life, but he said he was obliged to dismiss for economic reasons. Sharon says, "We liked our life so far, I did not drink or smoke, I worked hard, I can understand that if we did something wrong it would be fired, but this time The dismissal of that is not so. "

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