The survivor of the miracle, the cat which fell from the 34th floor

The cat's ability to exercise is extremely high, jumping lightly if it is about 5 times the height, and it is possible to run at 50 km / h in the moment. Because the balance sense is also excellent, it can jump off from a certainly high place without problems, but despite falling from the 34th floor of the apartment, despite the fact that a number of miracles overlapped and a light injury was owed, it was perfectly safe I have a cat.

Details are below.
Moggy's purrfect landing - Local News - Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

Sheree Washington's pet cat, Voodoo who lives on the 34th floor of the apartment, liked the high place and he always seemed to be playing on the veranda, but one day I noticed that Voodoo's figure was nowhere to be seen. Sheree thought that Voodoo had fallen out of the veranda, and prepared himself and looked under the apartment, he seemed to have found a healthy Voodoo though there was a scratch. Because the bush branches beneath the veranda are broken, it is believed that the bush became like a cushion was able to survive.

Voodoo and owner Sheree

Apartment looking up from the bottom

It is exactly a miracle to fall down from here

The bushes are not too dense there

The branch is broken along the trajectory which seems to have fallen

Although Voodoo is not shocked and has not eaten anything, it is said that there is no particular abnormality. The veterinarian examined said, "When falling from a low place it tends to get injured by losing its position, but it may have been relieved with time due to having fallen from a high place and having time to adjust."

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