An egg that is four times as large as a normal chicken born

The chicken bore an egg four times as much as usual on a farm in Cornwall State. On this farm I get 20,000 eggs from 30,000 chickens everyday, but the farmer who found the huge egg seems to have run out from the livestock hut while screaming "Look at this size!"

Details are as below.Hen Lays Giant Egg peculiarosities_com

The left is an ordinary chicken egg and the right is a huge egg about 10 cm long.

It weighs about 210 grams, "We were completely surprised, weigh near twice that of goose eggs," said farmer's wife Julie Hewitt.

Incidentally, the average size of bird eggs looks like this. The ostriches are the largest in the eggs currently living, and more than 20 times the eggs of the chickens.
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