Photographs capturing the baby of an animal breaking the egg shell and coming out to the outside world.

I will present a series of photographs capturing the appearance of chicks such as penguins and ostriches and the turtle's baby turning from eggs.

Mammalian birth, including humans, is a collaboration between mother and baby, but for oviparan animalsHatching (shark)Then, the baby has to escape from the egg without anyone's help. In the case of eggs with strong durable shells like birds and reptiles, breaking the shell is also a task.

A picture that broke the shell of the egg little by little and catches the baby of the animal who sees the outside world for the first time, is not it somewhat energetic as I see it?

Details are as below.Do not be shy, come out of your shell: Magical photos capture the first moments of life | Mail Online

These pictures are titled "Escape Into Life" by German photographer Heidi Koch who worked as an animal photograph for 20 years and Mr. and Hans-Juergen Koch's couple, It is the result of observing the egg for several days, sometimes several weeks, and waiting for hatching.

She pierced the shell from the inside with a beaked beak and drilled a hole in the eggOstrichBaby.

An average of about 15 cm in length and about 1.4 kg in weight, the eggs of a huge ostrich have a thick and durable shell.

A chicken out of the shell and resting. It grows to 1.8 - 2.75 m in total length and weighs 63 - 130 kg.

thisCape PenguinIs not trying to escape from eggs by focusing on the whole rather than concentrating in one place and cracking the whole in advance.

I grabbed the buttocks and got my legs on the ground.

In adult birds, there are black and white patterns on the head of the Cape Penguin, but the chicks are covered with gray soft feathers.

Red turtleThe egg. About 150 days after egg laying, as the name feet with red scales break the shell.

The life span of red turtles is about 40 to 50 years, while the captain is about 40 cm in size, it is still about 4 cm in length.

It looks like yawning, but just like a human newborn baby, is she raising live and incorporating oxygen?

ChickenThe egg. Chicks of chicks seems to be softer than those of adults.

Feet of familiar feeling came out.

I just got out of the egg and my feathers are wet, but when dry it becomes fluffy yellow feathers and becomes familiar figure of a chick.

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