I tried "Ice Coconut Cocoa" which was a combination of rich cocoa & coconut flavor and richness at Cafe de Clie

Combine coconut syrup with thick ice cocoa "Ice coconut cocoa"Has appeared on CAFÉ de CRIÉ (Wednesday, May 23, 2018) at Café de CRIÉ. I have tasted the compatibility of rich cocoa with tropical coconut.

5/23 Taste of the early summer "Ice Coconut Cocoa", spicy "Nichinan Tunry" & "Soft France Onion & Chili" appeared!
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Ice Coconut Cocoa | New Menu | CAFÉ de CRIÉ

I came to CAFÉ de CRIÉ.

There was no signboard etc in front of the store to inform the appearance of "Ice coconut cocoa", but found in the menu in the store. This time I will order "R" size of "Ice Coconut Cocoa".

"Ice coconut cocoa" (R size: 390 yen including tax) arrives in about 7 minutes.

The height of the R size cup is about the same as iPhone 7 (long side 13.8 cm). This drink is a dish of coconut syrup combined with ice cocoa. I draw a marble pattern of brown and white in a cup.

Whipped cream is on top as a topping, and powder coconut is put on top of it. Approaching you will feel the sweet and aroma of coconut.

After mixing it, when you drink it, rich cocoa tastes good compatibility of coconut. I feel that deepness is added to the taste of cocoa with coconut.

Whipped cream has a coconut powder and a crispy texture and coconut flavor added. Together with ice cocoa, you can add creamy and powder coconut texture.

"Ice coconut cocoa" is "R" size 390 yen including tax, "T" size 450 yen including tax, and "L" size 510 yen including tax.

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