Jelly looks like real Muscat Fresh Tully's "Muscat Tea & Puzzle Ruby Skull" "& TEA Peach Tea & Franboise"

As a seasonal drink perfect for hot summer time to Tully's coffee, "Muscat Tea & Pomegranate Ruby Shaskle"& TEA Peach Tea & Franboise"Has appeared since Friday, July 14, 2017. To the contrast between the two layers of yellow and red, I tried relaxingly with jelly's texture with a drink that was fun.

July 14 (Fri) will release the "Muscat Tea & Pearl Ruby Squarter®" & "TEA Peach Tea & Franboise" seasonal drinks with a jelly texture that is pleasant to the contrast of the two layers of yellow and red. | TULLY'S COFFEE - Tully's coffee

Arrive at Tully's Coffee

Buy two seasonal drinks

Each exclusive thick straw is attached.

"& TEA Peach Tea & Franboise" is a drink with domestic white peach juice and fruit tea in two layers.

As you can see from the side you can see that white peach juice is accumulated in the bottom. There is a guide at the time of delivery, "Please mix well and drink."

The fruit of Franboise is floating on the surface, the appearance is also gorgeous.

If you mix well with a straw and drink it, the fragrant fruit tea is slightly sour and the sweetness is refreshing and refreshing. When drinking, Franboise came from a thick straw and refreshed the hot body with fresh sweet and sour.

"Muscat Tea & Puzzle Ruby Sharkle" is a squall that puts a fresh frozen drink that imaged Muscat tea on a vivid pomegranate jelly.

You can see from the side that the frozen drink and jelly are two layers.

As there was no guidance in particular, as it was drunk, the jelly mass came out from the straw into the mouth. Because it is not a crash jelly, it seems better to drink after breaking down with a straw with a straw to enjoy with a frozen drink. The pomegranate jelly is sour tastefully, the cold taste is perfect for summer. A fruit drink using fruit juice, a representative breed of European grapes "Muscat of Alexandria", is a refreshing refreshing drink of Muscat, and when you drink with pomegranate jelly you eat fruit of Muscat rather than pomegranate It felt like it was.

You can scoop out jelly with straw and eat it. If you suck a mass of jelly, it will mess up long jelly deep into the throat, so it is better to crush the child finely when you make it drink.

The price of & TEA Peach Tea & Franboise is 76 kcal with 480 yen including tax, 110 kcal with Grande 530 yen including tax, Tall of "Muscat Tea & Pucca Ruby Sharkle" 167 kcal with tax 580 yen, Grande 680 including tax It is 240 kcal in yen.

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