Headline news on July 14, 2017

JAXA's first mobile camera to remotely control from the ground and move in outer space "JEM autonomous mobile type inboard camera (Int-Ball / INTO ball)"The image of the movie has been released. Ball-shaped drone / int ball like Gundam series "Hello" was carried to the International Space Station (ISS) "Kibo" Japan Experimental Building and is currently undergoing initial verification. From now on, development will be promoted so that all the "shooting time" that occupied about 10% of the astronaut's working time can be done by intrubbing.

Video first released from Kibo's drone "Int-Ball"! : Experiment at "Kibo" - Space station - Kibo PR · Information center - JAXA

It looks like the introbot floating in the air. You can shoot still images and movies, and the on-ground controllers and researchers can confirm the photographed images in real time and feed them back to the astronaut. It seems that the whole body was manufactured by 3D print.

You can also see how the introball is actually shooting from the following movies.

Video of the International Space Station Kibo's Drone "Int-Ball (Into Ball)" First Press Release (Full Version) - YouTube

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

I tried making ice with "ice saucers" which can make transparent ice with little air bubbles and put things inside - GIGAZINE

I tried going to "pancake specialty store Butter" to eat pancakes of fluffy fabric - GIGAZINE

"Small devil ageha" interview with editor, there are only two "cute" or "not cute" in the world - GIGAZINE

What happens to the body after you die? - GIGAZINE

The number of people who are trying to hack by sending electric current to the brain is rapidly increasing, scientists toss alarm bells - GIGAZINE

Reveal the cause of mysterious low frequency sound "Hum" to drive people into suicide - GIGAZINE

Japanese Supercomputer "Kyo" Finally Reclaims the World's No. 1 - GIGAZINE

"Honey Duke's" "Honey Duke's" and "Zonko's Naughty Specialty Store" selling such as bean juice beans, frog chocolate, sour peloper acid candy etc. are like this - GIGAZINE

What is 18 horse hamburger of fear that you can send a hospital by eating a bite and getting your feet gurgled? - GIGAZINE

USJ's New Restaurant "Three Brooms" Eatable While Looking Up at Hogwarts Castle of Harry Pota World Cuisine - GIGAZINE

Harry Pota 's USJ theme park finally opened tomorrow, thorough reports on how to get to Hogwarts castle and the inside etc - GIGAZINE

Look at everyone's meshwas picture Oh! "Mesumazu .net" that I can sympathize with - GIGAZINE

Pictures that let you know that lonely dogs are becoming happy when they are loved affection - GIGAZINE

About half of women like to do sexual acts while wearing clothes - GIGAZINE

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Plants cannibalize caterpillars to defend themselves, first discovery | National Geographic Japan version site

Excavation photographs in Bulgaria overturning the theory of "the origins of human beings Africa" ​​8 international news: AFPBB News

Southern Bulgaria spreading sunflower fields and corn fields looked like the present African savanna seven million years ago. It is said that giraffe and gazelle inhabited it, there is also the possibility that the oldest ancestry of human being existed. Until now the origins of human beings overturn the theory that has been regarded as being in Africa.

Capability of 'future planning' for non-bird crows, research photograph 1 international news: AFPBB News

In the research, we conducted a series of tests on ravens, which are large crows. As a result, it turned out that the bird has the ability to memorize important information on the previous task.

Even more surprisingly, the crows demonstrated its capability in the use of tools that would not be possible in nature and in bartering such as barter.

CNN.co.jp: Jupiter's gigantic storm "large red spot", the NASA spacecraft releases the closest image

"Father of medicine" Discover prescription of Hippocrates | National Geographic Japan version site

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Abe cabinet support 29.9% sharp fall = second minimum or less, not support 48.6% - current public opinion poll: current affairs dot com

3 newborn babies suffocated dead and placed in a freezer, 3 mothers owned by mothers International News: AFPBB News

Continue negotiations with the "Paris Agreement" = Strengthen measures against terrorism - One French-Japanese summit meeting photo International News: AFPBB News

Public whiplash sentence, province of Malaysia to introduce Legislature accepts revision bill 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

Mr. Liu Xiaobun's death = Nobel Peace Prize, democratization movement symbolism - criticism rising to the study system - 1 Chinese picture International News: AFPBB News

Liu Xiaonami died a symbolic presence of Chinese democratic movement | NHK News

"Mr. Mr. Liu immediately cremated and ashes in the sea" Authorities requested, bereaved refused: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs opposition overseas criticism = Mr. Liu Xiaoming died, memorial photograph on Twitter 1 international news: AFPBB News

Flood damage caused by local heavy rain Aichi and Gifu in the Tokai region: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Overtime Zero Zero" Union, sudden change in policy change after-sales: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Tooth extraction of 30 teeth by dental check-up "Impaired" Hyogo: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Fujikoshi Chairperson "Labor bureau not taking the people of Toyama" pointed inappropriate | NHK News

[Trump regime] US President, Mrs. French President "is a very good body" sexual harassment criticized expression Mrs. Melania solidified - Sankei news

French German jointly develops new fighter aircraft, strengthen cooperation with British EU withdrawal | Reuters

Alumni association fee 17 million yen clothes or former vice president of Nagoya Nishihaku: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Lotus Bishop, Publication of nationality materials on 18th = Family register full copy disclaimed: Nikkatsu.com

Disclosure of family register and witch trial: Nikkei business online

Protecting against bank associations and others hindered in daily life due to account freeze measures | NHK News

Accounts of people who stolen or lost their passbooks have been abused by criminal groups such as fraudulent fraud while not aware of it, and as a result of taking account measures to freeze accounts, Osaka Lawyers and other organizations have decided to submit a protest statement close to the bank association etc.

TEPCO, tritium water releases to the sea Kawamura stated, fishermen opposed - Kyodo News 47 NEWS

Politicians, why "misunderstanding" double disappointment in a double meaning, also criticism: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Cause of Suicide "Can not be Specified" LINE Bullying, Kumamoto Prefecture Investigation Committee: Asahi Newspaper Digital

"In return for guidance" Female student's body touching relationship demands ... Tottori University School of Medicine Faculty Stop Six Months - Sankei WEST

Ritsumeikan middle- and high-level officials charged theft Kyoto, PTA 600,000 yen: Kyoto Shimbun

A 47-year-old man arrested on suspicion of abduction for 12 days at home 3 girls | NHK News

A 47-year-old unemployed man was arrested on suspicion of abduction of a minor, saying to a girls student in the middle school third grader at the game center, taking him to his home in Tokyo / Shinjuku Ward and dwelling for 12 days . The man says that he inscribed, "I put it in my house, but I have not kidnapped."

Liberal Democratic Party with Liberal Democratic Party with Liberal Democratic Party Toshinobu Nakagawa Representative of the House of Representatives "Apology & Reunion Party" Great boo | AERA dot. (Aeradot)

Fuji arrow dangerous arrow Sukiguchi seventh consecutive eleventh consecutive erase, town erasing review | Shizuoka Shimbun Ats

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Born in London! We're LUSHies. - If you are looking for natural cosmetic items, soap - Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

Mr. Takei Masashi "Various opinion of pros and cons of gathering opinions of opinion that there is no mind to nurture talent for not having talent - Togetter Summary

【Tokyo Olympic aftermath】 Ariake → I can not play tennis, big site → I can not negotiate, Shinku → I can not baseball high school "Scramble refugee" screaming one after another (1/3 page) - Sankei news

Talk that I was leaving school even though I became a newspaper scholar, and was also dismissed from the scholarship - Togetter Summary

My wife said "Sometimes I want you to help me wash dishes" My husband is Burn! And went outside ... Are you angry? It was an act of rape and assassination - Togetter Summary

CNN.co.jp: Calling for London Underground, "Women's & Gentlemen" abolished

Instead of adopting "Every one", it will be implemented with a call such as "everyone, good morning".

Ticks season, attention to the outdoor Japanese patients with red spot fever, the most recent year: Asahi Shimbun Digital

CNN.co.jp: tourists at the airport, dead blown away by the jet jet Caribbean Sea

[Supplementary addition] The teaching method of teacher's teacher at elementary school 5, 6 when parents were unpopular from parents and parents gave wonderful educational results with "time difference" - Togetter Summary

A popular writer and a couple thinking about divorce in an alternating series | romance · marriage | Toyo economic online | new standards of economic news

Nature is a canvas - a pioneer of the snowboarding world Kunimi Kazuhiro's aesthetics - Yahoo! News

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No liquid use ... No worry of ignition smart battery material, Tokyo Institute of Technology Discovery: Asahi Shimbun Digital

I realized the decline of Japan due to the fact that large Chinese enterprises can offer twice the starting salary of Japanese big companies. | Books & Apps

Monitor the cultivation environment of mini tomatoes with Raspberry Pi and Go language and notify with LINE Bot - Engineer blog to make GourNavi a little better

I started cultivating mini tomatoes as home garden.

Because it is a special opportunity, we monitored temperature, humidity and soil moisture content with Raspberry Pi and created a mechanism to notify LINE timeline through LINE Bot.

Business tie-up concerning joint operation of LUCRA (Lukra) information service for new women | Gunosy Co., Ltd. (Gnoche) | Information is delivered to people all over the world

Introduction to kernel exploit - Fundamentals of Linux kernel analysis - - Diary of tuckles ~ Out_Of_Range ~

Do not put cool insulators away from smoking hotter - Togetter Summary

Explanation of the most obvious OAuth - Qiita

Spamming targeting WordPress on the verge of proliferation - Capital P

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"Gran Turismo SPORT" It will be released on October 19 in Japan! | PlayStation.Blog

Gran Turismo Sport Release Date Trailer - YouTube

【PS VR】 From today release "Kamen Rider Exe Special VR Picture of Theater Movie" free delivery! | PlayStation.Blog

Is not there any game that can cry? : Game lazy news

It's not a good idea of ​​the game, is not it "Kuyuma"? : Game lazy news

47: Mr. Nanashi desperately needed 2017/07/12 (Wednesday) 09: 51: 51.40 ID: R67BeBBBM
In this way, the old text with the limit on the number of words is more commonplace

Pokemon GO STADIUM | "Pikachu not only Pikachu mass production cow!" Special site

How can I improve my skill? Summary of 5 Months Trained in Komwari Course - Togetter Summary

"I am a motel. A woman who does not choose a job "→ Together with the fact that Professional consciousness is as high as Kitty - Togetter Summary

E Application of sports café and wind management law (Takashi Kiso) - Individual - Yahoo! News

[Independent production] "Theater version animation" Until dreams awaken "trailer" - YouTube

Aoi Shima Meg Animation PV 45 sec Ver. (Ise-Shima Mie JAPAN) - YouTube

Immersed in game, unemployed, increased to young men of rice - WSJ

Spitz 's live chorus terrorism planning issue # Spitz - Togetter Summary

Rare village is closed, parents "It is not a situation where you can take sumo wrestling" - Grand Sumo: Nikkan Sports

【Tonegawa x Davi Mass】 Collab special site | Derby Stallion Masters

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Shinji Kagawa "I was able to afford a feeling" Physical improvement measures to mental improvement. - Overseas Football - Number Web - Number

Podolski of Kobe joining, telling German impression to German magazine ... What is surprised habit? | Football King

Released Serie B with promotion for 2 consecutive years from 4 copies! How did Parma recover from bankruptcy? - Overseas Football - Number Web - Number

Se · Pa HQS number ranking: insane @ N

13: Nameless Mr. @ Opun 2017/07/13 (Thurs) 19: 15: 49 ID: 7ZS
As a result, high quality start and rank are not related

18: Mr. Nanashi @ Opun 2017/07/13 (Thurs) 19: 18: 38 ID: YiL
I can not win without it
You know it clearly

【Movie】 Movie "Outrageji Final Chapter" Trailer - YouTube

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Topics: 【Advance】 Midsummer snowman strategy!

(PDF file)Sandwiches that kept below 200 kcal appeared one after another! "Caesar salad sand 170 kcal" released

(PDF file)July 19th summer performance! Citrus and berry's float sparkling, popular Nichinan Tandoori chicken appeared!

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