Recommended toy fireworks in 2018 saw the "toy fireworks contest" that was held in front of the kore fireworks season

When the Golden Week is over, in early regions it will be at convenience stores and toy shopsToy fireworksStarts to line up, but when you buy it, you will lose a lot of toys from fireworks "Which one should I buy?" Before the full-scale fireworks season,Recommended toy fireworks in 2018Was decided in the contest format was held in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture where many toy fireworks manufacturers and toy fireworks wholesalers gathered on April 29, 2018. I actually saw what kind of fireworks are being judged.

Toy fireworks contest

The place is in Okazaki city, Aichi prefectureOkazaki ParkIt is a nearby Ojikawa riverbed.

Arrived at Okazaki Park.

When a toy fireworks contest is held, heading to the Ogawa riverbed, a toy fireworks experience event has been held and parachute fireworks have been launched one after the other.

After being launched high in the sky, children go to pick up parachutes slowly falling down, chasing them.

There was also a booth that you can play while learning how to play hand-held fireworks from the special staff of toy fireworks.

Preparation scene of the venue where the toy fireworks contest will be held. A bucket and a fire extinguisher are also provided properly.

A lot of stationary fireworks are placed, and at the end of the event "There are mini fireworks display using toy fireworks". There are plenty of fireworks that are not readily available in individuals, and I am looking forward to the performance.

Toy fireworks entering the contest. "Fireworks on hand fire department" "Eruption fireworks department" "Fireworks department" "Other departments" It is divided into four divisions.

For one department, two works can be entered from each toy fireworks manufacturer.

In other departments, "I bought a fireworks and a new fireworks at a toy fireworks shop "Hanaiban" that you can buy fireworks anytime of the year, and tried playing it"Oyaji's Pooh" picked up atKatsuragi Fireworks Co., Ltd.) Found.NobunagaMr. Tachikawa also came to see this event.

A state just before the start of the toy fireworks contest. The competition will be ranked according to the scoring by four experts and the score by the general parent / child judges over 40 pairs. Those who applied for parent-child judges beforehand are now finishing their reception and heading to the jury's seat.

It was the start time of the toy fireworks contest. We will explain how to handle toy fireworks to children participating in the review.

First of all, we will fire two fireworks for daytime that we must see while it is bright. "Flying Takuma san" (Fujika Corporation) Waiting for a signal to light a fire.

I picked up the stuffed toy of the bear came out and showed it to the judges.

The judgment of handheld fireworks department has started. On hand fireworks, children actually score with playing with fireworks.

At first it was children who had fireworks terribly, but when the fireworks began to burn, I was happily playing with cheers.

The review was started from a slightly brighter time, as it takes time for entries of around 10 different categories.

The examination method is a form of trying fireworks one by one and adding points with 5 grades.

After that, while introducing the winning works of each division, report the flow of the contest. First of all, "20 discoloration rinsing" (Inoue Toy Smoke Co., Ltd.) in the second hand fireworks category secondarily won fireworks for a long time playing fireworks with fireworks changing colors one by one, such as red, blue, yellow, green and purple was.

The winner of the handheld fireworks department is "Takanori" (Three State Pyrotechnic Co., Ltd.). I put a fire on the legs of the leaves bundled with tape ......

The ticks and fireworks burn, the tapes that bound the leg melt and the legs spread. The stick and the body which it holds in hand are connected by a spring, and movement which seems to be like bayon and tako dancing while burning is an interesting fireworks.

The judgment of handheld fireworks department is over. The following eruption department will be judged while arriving at the seat. The photo is "Reprinted Torch Fire" (Katsuragi Fireworks Co., Ltd.)

Second runner-up of the eruptive fireworks department is "Wudon Ryu Jokeshu" (Ota Rakuten Fire Service Co., Ltd.)is. Fireworks blew up high, fireworks were spectacular with a sense of volume of sparks.

The victory of the eruption fireworks department is "Rolling Rolling" (Katsuragi Fire Smoke Co., Ltd.). When igniting, fireworks that rotate like a frame first jump out and run around.

Then the stars of green and crimson spurt vigorously ... ...

Finally the propeller type fireworks with the body as the axis rotate vigorously. With a fireworks display with three fireworks, with great fireworks, the cheers of the children were also big fireworks.

Next, the club fireworks department. The second champion is "Flower Windmill" (Yasuda Paper Industries Co., Ltd.). You can hit the sky high and see the fireworks in the flower part and the rotating fireworks like a windmill.

The winner of the fireworks department was "fireworks seventh generation" (Kyoei Fumesho Co., Ltd.). Fireworks like green star and fireworks blowing from the bottom while the fireworks spreading above the sky gush up vigorously.

The second winner of the other category is "Festa Ohashi" (Inoue Toy Smoke Co., Ltd.). You can enjoy vivid green Niagara fireworks.

The winner of the other department was "Hanabi Spinner" (Masuda Smoke Co., Ltd.). Fireworks sparkling with spit and burning fire in the first half, fireworks rotating at high speed in the second half.Hand spinnerIt is an interesting firework that tried to reproduce with fireworks.

Participants freely play with the toy fireworks of entry works distributed for souvenirs until the review of the toys fireworks of all departments is over and the results are announced.

As I listened to the participants, "I wanted children to experience toy fireworks and applied for the judges." "Adults tried to participate in parents and childhood when playing with toy fireworks", etc. I was told that many impressions that the event was a good event to enjoy children.

After enjoying for a while with the toy fireworks, it is the announcement of the judgment result of each division. Every time a prize-winning work is announced, participants hear comments such as "Was it there for me" or "Fireworks I voted for"?

After the presentation of the judgment result was over, the mini fireworks display using toy fireworks began.

Toy fireworks has a small amount of usable gunpowder, but the gunpowder itself is together with the big ball used in ordinary fireworks festival, so it is possible to produce a spectacular performance if numbers gather.

Ignition of ordinary fireworks festival has been automated with dedicated machines in many cases, but ignition of mini fireworks display is manual.

The final of the event was admirably admired with the composition of the real fireworks display, such as simultaneous striking of the finale.

I served as the staffAkiwa firework storeWhen asked to Mr. Ken Akiwa, "The diversification of entertainment has progressed, the impression of toy fireworks is getting faded, but it is not that the toy fireworks are not interesting, but it has a chance to touch a toy fireworks We held a contest so that people concerned with toy fireworks wanted to start doing something in order to create opportunities to actually touch and to be impressed. " This time, the works entered in the contest and the prize-winning works can be easily purchased with toy fireworks retailers and online selling etc. So please actually buy and enjoy those who are interested.

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