I went to the 'Wakuwaku Fireworks School' where instruction on how to handle and enjoy toy fireworks was received from experts who 'was fun for the first time'

As summer approaches, opportunities for watching

toy fireworks increase at supermarkets and convenience stores, but in recent years there are limited places to play with fire and there are more all-electric homes, how to handle fire and toy fireworks There are more and more children who are not good at it. Therefore, under the guidance of an expert, the Japanese Smoke Association organized a project to learn how to handle fire and enjoy fireworks by experiencing toy fireworks, and in cooperation with the fireworks club of Shinmei. ' Waku Waku Fireworks School ' was held. I was worried about how children would respond to the traditional toy fireworks, so I actually went and saw it.

The venue is a fireworks park in Takamasa, Kawamisato-cho, Nishinashishiro-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture.

It is in the immediate vicinity of the fireworks site of the ' Shinmei Fireworks ' held every August 7th.

Arrive at the fireworks park.

In the same site as the fireworks park, there was a fireworks museum displaying materials about fireworks, such as the history of fireworks of Shinmei and the mechanics of fireworks.

On the other side of the road, there is '

Hanabikan ' that sells toy fireworks.

Not only summer, but in the fireworks shop that sells toy fireworks all year round, many toy fireworks were sold from the nostalgic one to the new work of 2019.

At around 17:00, the staff is preparing for the fireworks school in the park.

At the back of the park, there were a series of toy fireworks for demonstrations that held mini fireworks displays.

Around 18:00, people who participated in the fireworks school gathered. Participation qualification is that children from 3 years old to elementary school children and parents participate together.

At 18:30, when the participants were all over, the explanation of the fireworks school started. After explaining the schedule and notes, it is divided into two groups, the first half group and the second half group, and the first half group waits for the fireworks school to start at the fireworks park.

The second half group moved to the fireworks museum. For the first half of the group's fireworks school, Mr. Kiyoshi Watanabe (the center of the photo), a former pyrotechnician, explains the mechanics of the fireworks using a model of fireworks, etc. I will convey the fun of fireworks.

Fireworks school of the first half group started. Children are given a bag filled with some toy fireworks.

First, the instructor explains how to handle toy fireworks.

Toy fireworks contest in was teaching how to play toys fireworks to children Achiwa fireworks shop Co. , Ltd. Inagakiya , Ltd. Suzuki, fireworks , Ltd. Wakamatsuya people were also coming in support.

After the explanation of how to set the fire, let's actually light the toy fireworks.

First of all, the first one. Some children enjoyed themselves and some were scared of toy fireworks, saying that they were hot and scared.

When the fire is over, put the toy fireworks in a bucket of water to extinguish the fire completely. The instructor always spoke and taught how to handle toy fireworks.

The children who were a little scared in the first run are also getting used to the second run and enjoying themselves.

Mr. Tomonori

Kaburagi , chairman of a local fireworks company, Margaux Co. , Ltd., was also participating as a coach support.

It is a fireworks experience of about 20 minutes. The scared children were only a few at the beginning, and all were enjoying fireworks at the end of the game.

At the end of the fireworks school, you will experience the handmade sparkler Ichikawa Shinmei Peony that is made in Ichikawa Misato-cho.

I enjoy watching watching the sparks burst while holding while still so that the fireball of the sparkler does not fall.

After the first half fireworks school, all the participants were gathered in the park. Demonstration of mini fireworks display using toy fireworks begins.

The firework, Niagara, and the fireworks were ignited one after another.

Children and adults alike are cheered and delighted by the rising fireworks.

After the demonstration is over, the first half and the second half will be switched. In the first half, groups who enjoyed fireworks go to the Fireworks Museum.

The second half group enjoys learning how to handle toy fireworks as well as the first half group.

The area is getting darker, and the color of the sparks coming out of the toy fireworks is now clearly visible. Some children are surprised at the change in color.

“Tako Odori” (Sanshu Koko Co., Ltd.), which won the 2018 and 2019 second-place wins in the toy fireworks contest hand-held fireworks section, was very popular among the children who participated in this fireworks school.

The last experience is Ichikawa Shinmei Peony and fireworks school is the end.

Participants experienced fireworks schools such as 'It was good to have me tell you something I do not know', 'I usually enjoyed it nearby because I don't have fireworks,' 'A lot of fireworks are seen and children and adults are very happy' There were many opinions that it was good to do.

The 'Wakuwaku Fireworks School' will also be held in Nagoya on June 22, 2019, and in Fukuoka on June 29. In addition to participating in the application, it is also possible to participate in tours only. In the future, similar events are planned at various places, so if you are interested in toy fireworks, please check the event information of the Japan Smoke Association or the Fireworks Consumption Expansion Committee .

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