S · King work J · J · Abrams conducts the production total trailer of the world's omnibus horror drama "Castle Rock" released

"stand by me"Or"Dead Zone"Horror novelist representing the 20th century, such asStephen KingThe work of "Castle lockThere are many things set in a fictitious city called "the city." Set in this castle rock "Castle Rock"Is"IT"Shining"Misery"This is an omnibus horror drama in which the world of various works of Stephen King passes through space-time all over the place. Production total command is "Star Trek"Star Wars / Awakens of the ForceKnown asJ · J · AbramsA trailer movie of "Castle Rock" is released.

Castle Rock - 'This Place' Teaser Trailer (Official) • Castle Rock on Hulu - YouTube

A figure of a mysterious woman walking with bare feet on the snow.

A woman holding a basket and walking through the forest

One man desperately dugs the snow which it had piled on the ground.

A man who breathlessly holds his hand after discovering something.

A man with a flashlight is exploring dark, devastated prison marks. This prison is "In the skies of Shawshank"In the name of a medium-length novel that was also filmed under the name of"Prison Rita HayworthIt seems to be a show shank prison that will be the stage of.

A girl looking up somewhere in the crowd.

In front of the line of sight is a mascot of Castle Rock's football team. I am on the roof of the building and make a gesture like waving my hand to a girl ... ...

The next moment the mascot jumps off the roof of the building.

A portrait of Shashanku prison's successor director is displayed. Is the portrait painted with the third pair of glasses from the right from the director Norton who appeared in the movie "Sho Shankannai"?

Andre HollandLooking back to the lawyer who plays ... ...

A fat man looks stark at expressionless expression.

Male figure revealing the ground in the middle of the night

Beyond the line of sight of a lawyer with a surprised expression ......

There was a jail cell of the prison. In the solitary cell, you can see the shakeing people.

A corpse carried out by a stretcher from a prison cell.

A woman holding a big kitchen knife and checking under the bed.

A lawyer looking face-to-face with a client who was imprisoned in Shawshank Prison for some reason with a "non-ordinary legal matter".

Play a client's youthBill · Scalzgard, Published in 2017 King's original movie "If IT / It "It" is visible, it is over.It is also known as the murder clown "Penny Wise" role.

Notes marked with mysterious figures

An alligator-like crocodile

A man who puts a handgun on his ear and hits a finger on the trigger

A woman is standing in front of a coffin in a place like a funeral hall. All the people attending the band are wrapped around their heads, which is a strange sight.

The policeman is holding a handgun in the prison.

A woman looking at the inside while turning over the vinyl's banner.

Men wearing an eerie mask

What exactly is reflected in the eyes of a lawyer?

The drama "Castle Rock" is scheduled for 10 episodes, it seems that the characters, places and items that appeared in the King's work were interspersed everywhere, and the content of the must-see fans. "Castle Rock" is a video streaming siteHuluIt is said that delivery will start from July 25, 2018, but disclosure in Japan is undecided.

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