Evidence that preventive medicine delays death and leads to long life is difficult to find


The awareness about health has risen, and in recent years peoplehealth careThe cost of dividing it is getting bigger. However, Barbara Ehren-like, insisted that there is no evidence that attempts to "prevent" diseases can delay death in the first place. Mr. Ehren Laik's new book on why "preventive medicine" is not established is described by a doctor, Victoria Suite.

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Barbara Ehren-like, a writer with a doctorate in biology, said "Witches, midwives, nurses: history of female medical doctorsThere are reputations by having multiple books such as ", seeing things from the social and political aspect, and recording about the cultural shift before many people notice. "Working poor and the theme of the poor"Nickel and Dymed - the reality of the American Downstream SocietyEllen Ryke who incorporates his experiences into his analysis, such as reporting on the severity of his / her own living about the work of the low-income group himself, from the fact that it was diagnosed as breast cancer,Natural CausesWe are cutting into medical problems within.

Mr. Ehren Laik refers to modern medical and social culture that does not look directly at death while he himself fights ill. We think that "death is unbearable" is to say, "We can control our own body"ReductionismMr. Ehren Laik insists that science of fundamental beliefs is believed. Therefore, it is necessary to reconsider the possibility that "we can not control the body" as a premise.

For example, as a basis of preventive medicine, we have examination, blood test, colonoscopy,MammographyWe are encouraged to receive such as. Mr. Ehren Laik had not followed the questions for many years and followed the advice of a doctor about the idea of ​​"to treat before the disease overwhelms the body". However, as I was obsessed with obsession, I saw how the people who exercise are going to die early, and when I was 76 years old I became "an age not to be dead" Receiving that Mr. Ehren Laike started to think that the premise of preference is "Where is the proof that prevention lengthens a person?"

In other words, if you have a family with many heart diseases you can avoid early death by treating hypertension, but can not be predicted or prevented unless you are a family with many heart problems in the first place? It can be thought of. There is also no evidence that colonoscopy to detect colorectal cancer will avoid colon cancer death over other cheap noninvasive tests. Furthermore, if you discover a tumor that may not be lethal by mammography, there is even a possibility that problems will arise in the body conversely due to excessive treatment. In this way, "premature illness discovery" is based on the premise that the lifespan is to be extended as the prevention medicine examination that we are doing, as the possibility that the overall death rate may not be lowered, Ehren-like He said that he almost stopped taking prevention treatment.

byBrooke Lark

In addition, Mr. Ehren Laik who is deeply into fitness during middle-aged times, but for the past 40 years kept captured by the obsession of fitness and diet, it is said that "cultural discomfort over health benefits is There was much. " It was born of necessity to suppress himself, to compete and control while exercising, he said that Earnen Lyke's 70-year-old knee has become arthritis due to overuse.

Mr. Ehren Laik who holds a doctorate in biology also mentioned that recent research has denied the idea that the immune system is a magical cloak that protects the body for many years. It exists in every part of the body such as bone, brain, lymph node, embryo, breast, circulating in the bloodMacrophageHas been described as "to predispose the body to sickness from diseases by preying and digesting foreign substances such as degenerative substances and bacteria present in the body", but recent studies have shown that macrophages Does not necessarily kill cancer cells. On the contrary, macrophages sometimes help to grow cancer cells and even promote diffusion into the body.

Many people believe that causes such as heart attacks, stroke, etc. are caused by cholesterol, tobacco, lack of exercise, etc., and do abstinence, smoking cessation and exercise, but researchers are a major cause of inflammation One of macrophages is thought to be affected by macrophages such as heart attacks, stroke, autoimmune diseases and arthritis. Ehren Laiku who thought that "I am strengthening the immune system through moderation of exercise and eating habits", but if we strengthened the immune system and helped the function of macrophages, conversely the possibility of illness Was not he raising? It will come to think.

bySharon McCutcheon

However, Mr. Ehren Laik is not saying that it should accept a malfunction, but Natural Causes is not on health how-to books. It focuses on the concept of discovery that "our immune system sometimes protects the body if there is something to give up the riot of the cell to the whole body", and its moral meaning. What is wrong with the idea of ​​"to make positive thinking and caring about the body and make a mind and body with an orderly mechanism" for health? We are paying attention to that.

In Natural Causes, Mr. Ehren-Leek refers to the results of studies showing that microphages sometimes protect their bodies and attack at times, "behavior is unpredictable but not random". This means that our cells are not regulated by a deterministic mechanism and the cells themselves decide how and when to behave. Mr. Ehren Laik said, "Although it sounds like crazy," while preamble, if macrophages decide which ones to kill or to preserve, they should not be controlled according to any instructions I explained that it is doing what I felt.

The human body is oftenGeneral theoryAlthough it was told, is not it that the body of a person is a biological battlefield competing in search of oxygen, cadence, food? Mr. Ehren Laik is asking. If the body is not "unity with instructions and controls" but the opposite of its "reverse battlefield with partial alliance", the body is originally peacefulUtopiaNot control is done but notDystopiaIt will be said that. If so, a tool to cooperate with immune cells in the future in the future will be created, and even if health is maintained, that is temporary, and as the body is based on distant peers, in the end The control will be lost.

byScott Webb

However, Mr. Sweet holds doubts about Mr. Ehren-like's way of thinking. It is because the idea that the body tries to keep health is natural because it fights to recover if the body gets sick. Because Mr. Ehren Lai lost control of his body and thought "I would like to give up", Mr Suyu sees this idea.

And from experience as a doctor Mr. Sweet acknowledges that many patients eventually lose control, accept it and die. On the other hand, about the question "Is Mr. Ehren Liek able to lose control?" "As a person can only die as he lived, even if he got crazy, even if he was brain-dead, he is brave. People dying bravely, those who are curious die deadly, curious people die cheerfully, and if they are of inherently accepting type they will fight to gain control People who live will fight and die, Mr. Ehren Laik is a fighter. "

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