Google Street Viewer shoots the moment when the total solar eclipse happens, you can watch the situation on Google Maps

The total solar eclipse that occurred on 21st of August 2017 became a very big topic because it crosses the United States widely and widely. On that day Google's street view car was shooting a city with a state of Missouri where the camera captured the moment when the total solar eclipse occurred. And you can actually see it in Street View on Google Maps.

A Google Street View Car Drove Right Through the Path of the 2017 Solar Eclipse

The state of the total solar eclipse was photographed is a part of the road "McKelbey Hill Drive" in the residential area of ​​Mary's Heights, Missouri. Street view car ran this street from the other side of the map toward this side.

In fact you can see on Google Maps the following scene. It looks like a night because the neighborhood is dark ... ...

When I look up I see the sun in the sky. This is just a state where the light is blocked by the presence of the moon in front of the sun.

Because the neighborhood became dark, the street light also has a light.

As you scroll through Google Maps, you can see how the sight of the cityscape that was daydream becomes dark at once. When the street view car is running on the right side of the road ......

The entire screen got dark before running just 10 meters. You can see how a yellow road sign is coming.

Going further, the appearance of a line watching the state of the sun was reflected in the dark.

The actual situation can be seen from the map below. In the initial state display, the street view car running on a one way roadA backward sceneAs it is displayed, you can click on it and proceed, you can see the state of the total solar eclipse as you go back in time.

As you go through time all the time, the picture of the family waiting for the moment when the total solar eclipse happens when the road enters the branch line from the trunk line was included in the photograph.

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