Almost a snowy scene, a coffee shop on the beach covered with white foam

The vicinity of a large coffee shop located in the seaside resort of the UK is photographed which has become a scenery which is completely blank. It seems that it surprised the tourists and residents who were visiting because the snow did not accumulate, but all white were "bubbles".

Details are as below.
Home sweet foam! Sea spray leaves house blanketed in thick layer of gunk Mail Online

The photograph was taken by Pelinpoos in Cornwall province. According to 77-year old Gordon Blanks who shot, it seems that it was a barely windy day to stand on that day.

A picture of a coffee shop in Pelinpoos which is covered with foam. The road around is full of bubbles.

The beach of Pelin pose. There are many people who enjoy surfing.

It seems to be covered with bubbles because seawater is blown and blown by strong wind, "It is the first time in the past 15 years to see such a terrible landscape," Blanks says I will.

Pelin pose is only close to the sea, sea water seems to enter considerably by a strong storm.
YouTube - Harsh Storms at perranporth - Part Three 10.03.08

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