The identity of inexhaustible stamina that children can continue to play is revealed

Although you should not have physical strength like an adult, you may see the appearance of a child running around running for hours. In a study by Associate Professor Sebastian Later of Auvergne University, it is shown that the sources of energy for children who seem to be inexhaustible are generated by endurance which is more than adult athletes of national competition entry level.

Frontiers | Metabolic and Fatigue Profiles Are Comparable Between Prepubertal Children and Well-Trained Adult Endurance Athletes | Physiology

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The researcher on the resilience of children said, "Children not only have muscles that are hard to get tired, but also quickly recover from high intensity exercise, their recovery speed is not only for adults, It is even higher than the athlete of an adult who is doing. "

Associate Professor Larter said in a previous study, "Since children are much less fatigue than adults who do not usually exercise, there is a possibility that they are comparable to those athletes performing sports requiring endurance Although it suggested that "the endurance of children is not as good as adult athletes, it was not able to prove.

Also, because the child's circulatory system is not developed as much as an adult, there is a characteristic that it gets tired earlier than adults. For this reason, when children move on their own for long distances, it is necessary to take a break every fixed distance. In the end it means that more than adults need a break, which means that the physical abilities themselves are not high at all.

However, children also have the ability to recover from fatigue-resistant muscles and fatigue, even if they do high-intensity exercise. Therefore, the research team says, "This feature overcomes the physical limitations of cardiovascular capacity, and that this ability should be equal to or better than that of adults, not less than adults" I decided to verify the issues that I could not indicate in my research.

In the experiments conducted by the research team, 12 healthy boys aged 8 to 12 (boys' group) ', 12' male college students (university students) who do not usually exercise from 19 to 23 ',' 19 Athlete male (aged 27 years old) (athlete group) "13 subjects were collected. The men belonging to the athlete group gathered onshore long distance runners, triathlons, cyclists, and all the players at the national competition entry level were collected. Each group conducted a test of "aerobic exercise" and "anaerobic exercise" using an exercise bike and checked "heart rate", "blood oxygen concentration", "lactate removal rate" of participants, and exercised We are investigating how fatigued you are and how quickly you recovered after the exercise

Then, from the viewpoint of degree of fatigue, college students who did not exercise from the usual time resulted in the most fatigued group. In addition, it is confirmed that the boys' group has the same degree of fatigue as the athlete group. Then, when the rate of recovery from heart rate to normal after exercise and lactate salt was removed from the blood was examined, the juvenile group ranked first, exceeding the athlete group.

Associate Professor Ruther said "Children like marathon runnersAerobic metabolismWe used a lot of fatigue during high exercise exercise less. It also became clear that the recovery of heart rate and the ability to remove lactate in the blood was also high, revealing that it has higher resilience than the athlete. "

"This high endurance might be the reason for children to continue playing for a long time," said Associate Professor Ruther.

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