Male attempted suicide from highway crossover, thirteen trailers gathered and succeeded to jump down

In Detroit, Michigan, USA, an incident occurred in the midnight when men jumped off a crossover crossing the expressway and committed suicide. If you truly jumped off the highway, you could not avoid losing your life, but 13 trailers gathered there a lot. As a result, we celebrated the end that the life of a man who attempted suicide was saved once.

Truckers team up, save suicidal man on metro Detroit freeway

A man tried to jump off a Detroit overpass. Then 13 truckers saved him.

This incident occurred on the expressway that bypasses Detroit city areaInterstate 696The overhead bridge part. In the early hours of local time on April 24, 2018, a man was found to be throwing himself from above the overpass.

Men were trying to jump off at about 1 o'clock in the morning and around 3 o'clock, but although relatively small traffic volume, it is inevitable to lose their lives when coming in contact with a car running at high speed. While the men were kept in persuasion of the surroundings, they did not destroy the attitude of jumping off, and it seems that the circumstance of one shot was going on.

It appeared there are 13 trailer groups. The trailer led by the police rushed to the site with 6 to 7 groups from both the east side and the west side of the overpass, and all cars stopped right under the overpass. As a tall trailer has settled under the crossover, even if a man jumps off, it is almost unlikely to bear big injuries. In addition, at this stage the highway was blocked, so there was no danger of being hit by a passing car.

Chris Harrison, a tracker who cooperated with this great strategy, said Facebook's community page "Twisted TruckersWe are posting a couple of photos. The following pictures contain a large trailer that fills the bottom of the overpass bridge, and a man and a dudeski who is about to jump are standing on the edge of the crossover bridge.

Chris Harrison'S postTuesday, April 24, 2018

Thanks to this effort and persuasion, men abandon jumping safely. It is said that he was taken to an hospital by an ambulance.

We also announced the official Twitter account of Michigan State Police Metro / Detroit. In the main text of the tweet, "A photograph that a private worker and a local police officer saved the life of the citizen in cooperation.But here, however, the figure of a person who is deciding whether to cut off their own lives is reflected. Remember to save your life by calling the lifeline. "

According to Mr. Harrison, a member of a highway patrol visited the source of the tracker after handling the situation and shook hands, he said that he was shrugged off.

Teamwork in Detroit..guy over on the bridge in the white was trying to commit suicide, truckers all lined up to try to prevent it

Twisted Truckers'S postTuesday, April 24, 2018

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