How to traverse the course well with the "Boston marathon" where 20,000 runners run

In a marathon tournament conducted using public roads, it is often that while the runner is running the course is completely blocked and ordinary citizens can not cross the road. When a large marathon tournament where more than 20 thousand participants fill the course, there are a lot of influences on the lives of citizens such as being able to go to the opposite side almost all day, but in the course of the Boston marathon it is a splendid ingenuity A method to cross civilians is adopted.

Street Crossing at the Boston Marathon - YouTube

In the middle of the road, a group of cross-riders trying to straddle the near side waits.

Then the rope that was blocking part of the course moved ... ...

Block the runner's flow and block the nearby lane

By doing this, the group can safely cross the road.

Even when you cross the other side the same way. A group of people who want to cross the center of the road are stored ... ...

The rope moves to the person who wants to cross

And traversers safely move to the other side. It is a way that you can smoothly live your normal life while holding a marathon contest.

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