A man who climbed an apartment without a lifeline and rescued a child is praised as "Real Spider-Man!" And has a big turning point in life

A man who has succeeded in climbing the outer wall without a lifeline and succeeding in helping the child in order to help the child who is about to fall from the fourth floor of the apartment in Paris in France, has received a lot of praise , Finally in FranceEmmanuel M. MacronWe have been talking to the president.

Real-life 'Spider-Man' climbs building to rescue child, stuns France

'Hero' Malian saves child, 4, in spectacular Paris rescue

On the afternoon of May 26, 2018 in local time, a 4 year old child was about to fall from the veranda on the 4th floor of the apartment in Paris 18th arrondissement. Mr. Gassama, who saw this, climbs the outer wall of the apartment to help the child. You can see the situation in that case by seeing the following movie.

The tweet is written in French "This young man is a real hero! Heroic act!", The movie has been played over 400,000 times and has been retweeted more than 16,000 times.

Child hanging from the veranda

From below, you will see a man climbing an apartment with bare hands. This man is Gassama.

Men appeared on the veranda whether they noticed the child's crisis from outside bustle. I will try to help the child.

There are people under the apartment. People who try to climb the apartment with bare hands like Gassama can also see the scythe.

A man on the veranda stretches out his hand to help the child, but it seems that it is unreachable as though the schedule separating the room and the room is an obstacle.

Women will also appear, but I can not raise my child as easily as I think. Mr. Gassama climbing up to the third floor at a stretch.

While careful not to let the child fall, I went up to the 4th floor at a stretch ......

While embarking from the veranda, the child was lifted with one hand and the rescue was completed.

There are great cheers from the crowds of people in this.

Some people stop the bike and shoot the moment of rescue.

Also movies taken from different angles. This movie has been played over 7.6 million times and has been retweeted more than 4900 times.

Since editing such as putting letters is not added to this movie, you can understand the appearance of Mr. Gassama climbing up the apartment with bare hands.

A train horse that looks at the progress of grazing to the fence under the apartment building.

Mr. Gassama jumping from the balcony to the veranda and climbing up.

The relief is safe.

When a local firefighter arrived at the scene, it seems that the child had already been rescued. Mr. Anne Hidalgo of Mayor of Paris praised Mr. Gassama's actions by her own Twitter account, but he said that he called personally personally to inform them of gratitude. Mr. Gassama is a migrant who just arrived in France from Africa's Mali Republic a few months ago, Mr. Hidalgo said "His heroic acts are an example for all citizens, the city of Paris settled in France I am keen on his support he is trying to do ", he says that the entire Paris will support Mr. Gassama.

Mr. Gassama, who helped the child, said in an interview with AFP: "People cried and saw a car horn, and I climbed the mansion and thanked God. I was able to save it. "" When I helped my child, I finally began to feel terror.When I entered the living room after rescue, I started trembling with shudder, I could not get up and stayed sitting There was not it, "he talks about the feelings at the time of rescue.

Gassama responds to an interview in French

Mr. Gassama tries to illegally enter Italy across the Mediterranean in 2014, but was found by the police and immigration came off. After that, after coming to France in September 2017, he seems to have worked illegally in the suburbs of Paris, he is not qualified for stay and he is applying for immigration. So people who knew Gassama's success launched a change campaign on Change.org "The authorities should accept Gassamma's immigration application".

Campaign · Pour que Mamoudou Gassama soit régularisé · Change.org

In addition, Mr. Gassama will meet with President Emmanuel M. Macron from his salvation achievement, he is thanked directly and given permission to stay for several weeks in the coming weeks. Furthermore, it is expected that citizenship of Paris will be given in the future, President Macron said that he wanted me to work as an emergency crew member.

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