Catholic priest who hundreds of balloons in the body, flew away and missing

Catholic priests appealed that they would dance the sky with hundreds of balloons to collect funds, but then became missing. A part of the balloon was discovered by search, but the priest himself has not been found yet.

Details are as below.Priest's helium balloon flight goes wrong The Daily Telegraph

Reverend Adelir Antonio de Carli, who was a Catholic priest in Brazil, wielded a helmet, a heat-resistant suit, a parachute and flew away from the port of Paranagua with balloons. However, it seems that I lost sight of the figure as I could not contact with the port authorities about 8 hours later.

It seems that the priest tried to break the record that it flew for 19 hours with balloons and was trying to obtain funds to become a spiritual stronghold of farmers.

Carri priest flying away.

A priest who soared up by a balloon dropped to an altitude of about 2,500 after reaching an altitude of 6000 meters. However, the wind brought the priest to the sea, and it was said that the last place to communicate was 50 kilometers from the shore.

Priest Carli was flying with GPS, satellite phone and chairs in the water and was an experienced skydiver, so he said, "I'm absolutely confident that the priest is living safely and drifting somewhere in the Pacific Ocean "The port authorities have said.

2008/4/24 9:16 amended:From the reader it was pointed out that the priest himself was a sky diver, so I fixed it.

2008/7/30 15:40 Additional notes:It seems that a body that seemed to belong to a priest was found on the sea near Macae. He said that he is almost certain to himself from clothing and tools. I truly express my condolences.

Father who challenged "balloon flight" in Brazil, found as a corpse | spillover of the world | Reuters

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