Variety of happening movies that have happened on TV shopping programs

Sometimes watching the late-night TV shopping briefly, sometimes I want something different though it is not necessary right now. I think that this is all thanks to the peculiar mailing program peculiar propaganda method and talkie tone, but it seems that professionals of mail-order sales may be hit by a little happening though.

The movie is from the following.
If you hit the desk with a sword you will crackle and hit your hand. It seems that it did not become a major injury because it was a imitation sword, but it was a place I was going to get bored if making one mistake.
YouTube - katana slip

During the introduction of the ladder, it falls from the ladder at the moment of trying to get off. Even though the product is not bad, I hesitate to buy somehow.
YouTube - Man falls off ladder on TV

When I got on the top, I got a little weight laden. Even so, when a man tries to cross over it collapses at once.
YouTube - Home Shopping Ladder Blooper

Spark from battery ... the worst CM as an image of this product
YouTube - Colleen Lopez battery fiasco

Editor Nelson, the moderator of the shopping program "ValueVision", for a moment makes his middle finger up for the camera. Although it can be seen at about 7 seconds from the start, this seems to be angry towards the director who rolled the product rather than intended for the viewer.
YouTube - Fast Eddy Gets Caught on Camera

As an example of a photograph taken with a digital camera, a man issued a picture of "moth (Ga)" while saying "Please look at a picture of a horse." I should have confirmed that the photo is wrong with my own eyes, but there is no correction after that.
YouTube - Home Shopping Blooper

When I asked Randy who I love DELL's PC why I like it, I answered that "I am enjoying various pornies with a new DELL PC!"
YouTube - Home Shopping Network PC Porn Tube

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