A photo book that shows the impression when finding out an ancient city over 2000 years ago and finding it at last in the sea

I imagine that stone statues such as pharaohs, goddesses, and sphinx are standing in the desert, but it is the ocean archeology to raise those ruins from deep within the ocean. Mr. Frank Godio, who was a Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and was a financial advisor to various governments, was a pioneer in marine archaeology, and in 1980IEASMAfter establishing, we are undiscovering ancient cities more than 2000 years ago, such as Heracule Ion, Canopus, Alexandria, which had been confirmed only in the literature so far.

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This is the state of discovering the statue of Pharaoh that existed in the ancient city Heraclione in the sea. The statue was made of granite and the total length was over 5 m.Heracule ionAlthough it was one of the remaining cities in the literature in the literature, the location of the ruins was not specified, and the figure of the city disappeared by the team's finding led by Mr. Godio was raised.

This is a 5.4 m longHappyHead of the statue of God. Happy statues that were supposed to bring fertile land to Nile, only small ones have been discovered so far.

This is the state of raising.

Pull it up and line up on the ground, you can understand its enormity. The statue of Pharaoh · Queen · Hapi god was made in the 4th century BC.

An object of gold engraved with Greek letters was also discovered.

I found a stone monument with a total length of 1.9 m. It is exhibited in the Egyptian Museum in CairoNectanebo IIt was almost the same as the stone monument of Naucratis made by.

The shallow cup of the bottom which was used in Hellenistic culture.

A statue of Queen of Ptolemy was discovered from Abkir Bay.

Pharaoh's head is lifted. Heracre ion was made around the 8th century BC, but after experiencing numerous natural disasters it is considered to have sunk into the ocean around the 8th century AD.

Prosperity as the capital of the Ptolemy morning in the last dynasty of ancient EgyptAlexandriaThe ruins of also have been found.

A diver looking at the sphinx made of black granite.

Place a cloth impregnated with silicon on the ruins and copy the letters on the ruins.

The letters carved in the ancient Greek architectural gallery were still readable.

A city in Alexandria suburb of Ancient Egypt, on the coast of the Mediterranean SeaCanopusWe also found ruins of.

We will use airbags to lift heavy ruins.

SerapisDiver holding the head of God and rising to the surface of the water.

Already finished, Godio came to Japan and in Japan"Egypt of the Sea" ExhibitionWe also had gone. In response to the question "What is the most favorite place in the world?"In the sea!"When Mr. Godio answering" Mr. Godio is doing ocean archeology, the moment when I feel happiest is when the ruins jump into the sea floor where visibility is bad suddenly and the ruins jump in front of my eyes. "Different from excavation on the ground, divers need to explore many devices, make hypotheses on that, and divers will dive after collecting data, although it takes time and effort very much, but at a beautiful remains I will forget their hardships when I face each other. "

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