Independent ISP CEO "Is there a question?" About the Internet in the US decided to abolish "net neutrality"

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In the United States, it was decided to abolish the rule on "net neutrality" which was established at the end of 2017 at the Obama administration. To this decision, many American citizens and business operators have expressed opposition, but for Internet service providers (ISPs) offering Internet connection services, the unreasonably heavy loads imposed so far are reduced Welcoming mood is drifting as being done. Meanwhile, an independent ISP that was founded in 1994 before the Internet began to spread and still provides services mainly in Northern CaliforniaSonic"Co-founder Dane Jasper said reddit's specialty question corner"Ask Me Anything(AMA) "to answer various opinions received from general users.

I'm Dane Jasper, Co-Founder and CEO of Sonic, Northern California's largest independent ISP (Internet Service Provider). Today, net neutrality rollbacks are set to begin. Let's discuss what that means for YOU, for ISPs including mine, and why there's still hope for the fair, open internet. AMA !: IAmA

"Neutrality of network (net neutrality)" prohibits ISPs from treating specific content to advantage or disadvantage, based on the philosophy that "handling of content on the Internet should be fair" That is the rule. Under the rule of net neutrality, ISPs were not allowed arbitrary service operation to speed up or block distribution of specific contents, but if the rule of net neutrality is eliminated, premium It is possible to handle different users, such as allowing the use of "high-speed lane" that can deliver content at high speed only to companies that paid the fee, and greatly delaying the delivery speed of the content of a specific company I will.

By abolishing the rules, AT & T and Verizon, which provide streaming services behind Netflix and Amazon, for example, will deliver their streaming services at a high speed while limiting the speed of Netflix and Amazon Video significantly, It is impossible to put the service in a dominant position. There is also concern about the elimination of rules that had been supporting the fair internet society, such as the possibility of price increases for users and service quality being reduced even for general users .

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Mr. Jasper replies "Yes" simply for questions asked by a certain user "If there is only one ISP in the area where I live, whatever business it is wary of?" . Still another question from the user "How do I live in the country and ISP (not optical fiber) is only one company offering DSL service.Is realization of the ISP via satellite will also be realized in the future Because I think that it is a story, there is only one cell phone network ... ", Jasper said" There is a way to launch a wireless connection ISP.Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA)It would be a good idea to subscribe to the details and learn the details. " (Click image to move to thread)

Although I am a little surprised by the answer "You can start up the service yourself", the continuation of the comment section says "It was exactly what I did with my wife, until we set up a wireless ISP, There was a reply saying that the provider had provided a service of 200 to 300 dollars a month (about 20,000 yen to 30,000 yen), but we offered it at around 130 dollars a month (about 14,000 yen) per month Actually, it may not be that much hurdle. However, in the subsequent exchanges, "What is your initial investment?" "75 thousand dollars (about 8.2 million yen)" "It's a good amount of money, how long have you been collecting?" The exchange is continuing, and it can be said that it is a method to be able to proceed completely on the basis of business.

"When net neutrality is eliminated, each provider starts filtering contents, packages sites that can be accessed and sells them as products, but I heard that such filtering is difficult in terms of engineering In response to the question "What is the technical challenge to implement such things and how difficult is it or easy?" Jasper said, "Short In answer, that's easy. Traffic management device manufacturer'sSandvine / Procera NetworksYaF5ISPs can do filtering on a large scale if using corporate equipment such as "

"Does the website understand that my content is being filtered or slowed down? Especially when there are users in the US and they are using different ISPs" question "It is a good question. In many cases, content providers can not know about it, in which case it seems that the speed has slowed down on the end user side, but large scale In the case of a business operator, you will be aware of the situation of crowded connections and you will be asked to pay an additional fee to comfortably deliver content to end users. "

Questions are also being asked about managing a small ISP by being an AMA by Sonic CEO of an independent ISP. Jasper replied to the question "Is it possible to operate an independent ISP in a small scale in terms of infrastructure cost, did not it matter?" Jasper said, "Everyone is a net We have always endorsed that it will lead to the fact that if there are 25 ISPs in the region like that, there will be no need for net neutrality rules, but only one or two companies are in oligopoly situated in the market In some places, regulations are necessary to protect both users and online services.It is not easy to set up business,SocketYaTing,Cruzio,Gorge,EPBThere are a number of examples that have been successful in business even under such circumstances ".

The chairman of the FCC who decided to abolish the net neutrality is Mr. Ajit Pai nominated by President Trump in January 2017. Mr. Pai has decided to abolish the rule as "the rule of net neutrality introduced at Obama administration is too severe to hinder corporate growth". Mr. Jasper asked about Mr. Pi being elected chairman of the FCC said, "There is a complex feeling, as a good point, Mr. Pi is interested in removing the barriers to introducing a new infrastructure, , Regarding the elimination of net neutrality, we will clearly oppose the issue. "

"The effect on smartphone applications such as Snapchat, Instagram, reddit, etc. is affected?" Says, "Such applications do not need big bandwidth, so it will not be affected, but video streaming and online games , AR (augmented reality) service, etc. require a lot of data, so there is a risk that it is subject to restriction.Therefore, such service brings about results such as usage fee increases, advertisement display increases, etc. I will reply ".

"For example, even if Sonic became a big company like Verizon or Comcast, will you continue to maintain the same posture to support Internet neutrality now? Is not this AMA a PR?" In response to the question, Mr. Jasper said that "Sonic has continued to support policies on net neutrality based on user orientation for many years" and received efforts that have been done and awarded as a good company By listing the achievements made, we denied that a disjunct like a question would occur.

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