The average speed of America's broadband is 1.97 Mbps, which is lower than that of other countries

America'sFCC (Federal Communications Commission)According to a report submitted by the communication trade union against the US, the communication speed of the broadband line in the United States based on reports from 80 thousand users is 1.97 Mbps on average.

The report says that Japan is average 61 Mbps, South Korea 45 Mbps, France 17 Mbps, Canada 7 Mbps as a comparison target, and warns that the broadband situation in the United States is delayed significantly in other countries.

Details are as follows.
U.S. Net access not all that speedy -

According to this article, Larry Cohen, a representative of the American telecommunications labor union, said, "As a result of the average communication speed of broadband lines being 1.97 Mbps," People are in a tragic fact that the country that started the commercial Internet is late It is said that he gave a comment saying "I am not paying attention." And even though we think that broadband is indispensable in business now, it is important to act at the policy planning stage.

Although it is still average speed, the top is 5.011 Mbps in Rhode Island state and the lowest is 0.545 Mbps in Alaska state.

By the way, although FCC sets the definition of "broadband" to 200 Kbps (0.2 Mbps) or more, Larry Cohen says "It is not even recognized as broadband in most countries", and FCC spokesperson also said that telecommunications companies "Broadband service" We accepted public comments until May 31 whether to raise the standard of the communication speed which can be advertised under the name. It is likely that conclusions will be issued in autumn.

Is it difficult to maintain the network, because the country is still wide?

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