I tried destroying the town with the robot Toy-Con of Robot Kit which can move the robot in the game throughout the body

Nintendo SwitchAnd inventing new play with cardboardNintendo Labo"First appeared as"Robot Kit".assembleIt takes quite a bit of effort, but the handmade controller completed at the end of such a hard work "Robot Toy-Con"I used it as a robot and destroyed the city.

Nintendo Labo Toy - Con 02: Robot Kit (Robot Kit) | Nintendo Labo | Nintendo

The state of destroying the city in "Robot" mode of Robot Kit can be seen in the following movie. Since the robot mode is about 5 minutes per play, the movie is played at triple speed so that it can be seen as crispy.

I tried destroying the city with the robot Toy-Con of Robot Kit - YouTube

A robot operated by a player with Robot Kit looks like this.

The operation method is simple, and when stepping on the spot, the robot moves his legs and moves forward.

And when you hold the robot arm and put your hand forward ......

The robot will punch out. It is possible to destroy buildings in the city and UFOs with this punch. The direction of movement of the robot can be changed by tilting the head.

It is like this when you destroy buildings and UFOs while actually walking around the city with a robot.

Destroy buildings and UFOs with Robot Kit's robot - YouTube

Besides, spreading both hands ......

The robot fly in the sky.

Raise one hand with one hand and stop still ...

The robot begins to shine gently ... ...

It will be huge.

It gets enormous with a robot and it runs like a rampage in the streets.

Robot Kit robot giganticized - YouTube

Furthermore, when crouching ......

The robot is transformed into a car. In addition, in order to move in car mode, it is okay if you tilt your head back and forth and crouch as you crouch.

It is also possible to emit a beam from a robot by putting both hands forward as you punch out.

It becomes like this when you take a movie to transform it into a car and blow up the city.

Robot Kit robot transforms into a car - YouTube

In addition, as a comment that actually played, the feeling of steering the robot with the whole body can be done smoothly without feeling uncomfortable than the imagination. It takes time and effort to wear, but it is better to keep the straps of robot arm & robot shoes attached to both legs, especially short. Because punching and leg lifting are not recognized if it is made longer, and flight mode, huge mode etc. can not be executed well. However, if you shorten too much, you will not be able to extend your hands, so be careful as the movement gets shrunk overall.

In addition, the robot mode was longer than imagined in about 1 minute of play, about 5 minutes, it was feeling that it touched the whole body more than I expected, because I move both hands and feet to play. To play at the end of the day is a bit too heavy, but it seems to be a perfect playing tool for children with physical fitness.

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