A father who tried to make a child smuggled by a suitcase was sentenced to fine for avoiding severe punishment at the end of the trial

A juvenile's father's criminal trial was concluded on an unprecedented smuggling incident that an 8-year-old boy was found in a suitcase at the custom of Spanish Ceuta. Originally there was the possibility of a jail sentence for illegal entry into the country, but the case was concluded by being sentenced how fine it was.

Spain: Father of migrant boy found in suitcase in Ceuta freed - BBC News

At the border checkpoint of the Spanish territory 'Ceuta' in Morocco in North Africa on May 7, 2015, a 19 - year - old young woman who was trying to bring in a suitcase heavily stayed in the eyes of the staff. Immigration officials who suspected that they are planning to smuggle illegal drugs scanned a woman's suitcase by X-ray, found a shadow of a child crouching in a posture as if the fetus were in the mother's tummy .

When a surprised official opened the suitcase, a boy appeared from inside. An 8 - year - old boy from Côte d'Ivoire named Addu, said he said "I was stuffy in the suitcase."

This woman was arrested and then her father Ali Owatahara, who asked the woman for adulteration to Adu, was arrested. Owatahara was a Spanish permanent resident and succeeded in attracting his wife and daughter to the Spanish Canary Islands, but because of the fear that if you bring in Addu, you can not support the whole family It is said that Addu 's entry was not permitted. Therefore, Owatahara asked a woman to guide Adu to smuggle.

In a trial it was Owatahara, who was prosecuted for helping Adu's smuggling country, but Ado said in the court that "I did not know that both my father and I will be put in a suitcase", so in a suitcase It was ordered to pay a fine of 92 euros (about 12,000 yen) on the ground that evidence that Owatahara was aware of transportation could not be obtained. In addition, Mr. Owatahara who has escaped penalty said that "I finished all, my wife, daughter, son's family can resume life together," he said he said he would send a new life together in northern Spain .

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