Leap Motion Announces "Project North Star" Platform for Low Price and High Performance AR Headset Below 20,000 Yen

Leap MotionIs the AR platform "Project North StarWe announced. We are planning to release a headset of overwhelmingly superior rival AR headset at a low price that is overwhelmingly lower than the rival's price.

Leap Motion Introduces Open-Source AR Reference Headset

This is the reference prototype of Leap Motion's headset "Project North Star". A display that operates at 120 Hz with 1600 × 1440 resolution is provided next to both eyes. The prototype uses a 5.5 inch (1400 x 2560) display for smartphones, but a specialized display customized for Project North Star will be developed.

Project North Star is an open goggle style unlike a general VR / AR headset, and the image of the offset display is reflected and reflected on the front glass surface. The silver-coated glass surface transmits 50% of light and reflects 50% of light, and it is possible to display display information in a viewing angle of 100 degrees.

What is the view of Project North Star is as followsLeap Motion OrionYou can understand with a single shot if you watch the movie that shows the demo.

Higher image quality demo movie

It seems to grab a dice in the air.

Added a virtual tab to the palm.

Leap Motion puts priority on lowering the manufacturing cost of Project North Star. The project cost of Project North Star is less than 100 dollars per unit (about 11,000 yen) or less, and the target price of the product is less than 200 dollars (about 21,000 yen). This price,Microsoft HoloLensIt can be said that it is an exceptional price compared with AR head set exceeding 1000 dollars (about 110,000 yen).

Leap Motion plans to release Project North Star's hardware and software design as an open source. Leap Motion himself does not plan to manufacture Project North Star for consumers, but plans to develop AR market with Project North Star through support of third party products.

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