Real-time simulation game "Factorio" which builds and expands a factory to a star drifting while automating various work

A simulation game that builds a line of factories on a stranded planet alone, automates all the various work, and finally aims to escape from the stars "Factorio"is. Alpha version was delivered to PC in 2012, and development continued while repeated version development, but finally I thought that the official version will be delivered in 2018, and I actually tried playing Factorio It was.


You can see how Factorio is played by looking at the official trailer movie below.

Factorio - Trailer - YouTube

I started Factorio. Since you can play tutorials in campaign mode, you can grasp the game system of Factorio. . You can also play with multiplayer play. In this time, I choose "New Game" to play with free play.

The field to play is randomly generated. It is also possible to fine-tune the size of the map, resources and enemies. Select Normal this time and click decision.

It is a setting that the player has drifted to a certain star. The final goal of free play is to launch a satellite launch vehicle into space, but for that purpose it is necessary to mining a lot of resources and to develop the technology. Press the Tab key.

I started from the middle of a wide desert. Black stones are falling a lot in the immediate vicinity, but this is coal, which is one of the important resources. Resources on the field such as coal and wood can be mined by long pressing the right click, but digging by hand will take a considerable amount of time. In the state that time has passed all the time in the game, it is not possible to "temporarily stop time" as seen in general real-time simulation.

Factorio allows you to do various work automatically with the machine you developed. For example, in order to mineralize resources, it is necessary to develop and install excavators. To develop facilities and items, press the E key to open the inventory and click the icon of the facility you want to develop OK. Both the fuel type excavator and the stone furnace are owned one at the beginning of the game, respectively.

I tried placing the fuel type excavator in the coal area, but it does not appear to move in any direction. Fuel type excavators do not move without fuel, so it is necessary to add fuel such as coal and wood.

Click on the fuel type excavator and add a small amount of coal mined earlier.

When coal was put into the excavator, mining started without any problems.

Automatically mined coal is taken out of the excavator. However, if there is an item in the destination, the machine will clog and the mining will stop, so it is necessary to pick up the coal coming out with the F key each time.

"The fact that picking up and picking up each excavator every time has no meaning of automation!" In order to further advance automation. First of all, I will acquire wood from dead trees in the surrounding area and develop wooden chest from wood.

The wooden chest that was made will be installed in front of the excavator. The mined coal is automatically stored in a wooden chest. It is the stone furnace that stands next to the excavator, it can refine iron and copper.

Iron ore and copper ore, which are raw materials, can be mined from fields as with coal. This time moving a little down from where there are plenty of coal, there were a lot of iron ore.

When we inject fuel and iron ore into a stone furnace ......

Iron plates will be refined.

When refining the iron plate, the excavator mining the coal has run out of fuel. However, it is troublesome to put in coal every time the fuel runs out, so I will leave the coal to the machine.

Fuel type inserter is a robot arm which automatically moves items in one direction.

When placing a wooden chest containing coal and setting the direction of the fuel type inserter so that the coal is moved from the chest to the excavator, the fuel type inserter automatically makes coal to the excavator automatically It was. If the red arrow of the following image is coal movement and you put coal in the left box, the fuel of the excavator will be added automatically and coal mined in the right box will accumulate.

In spite of digging coal, it seemed inefficient to prepare a wooden chest containing coal separately, so we prepared several fuel injectors and said, "We will use coal mined by the excavator for bucket relay I will thrust into the excavator according to the procedure ". In addition, we will add another fuel-type inserter so that mined coal will be placed in the stone furnace. With this, it will be a machine that will continue digging coal without doing anything. Since there is a limit to the amount that can be mined in the same place, resources are exhausted if left untreated, so it is never right to excavate resources.

We set up an excavator on iron ore as well as coal. However, I noticed that it is very troublesome to take mined iron ore everywhere, as the location of the iron ore is a bit far from where the coal and the stone furnace are located.

Therefore, we developed a belt conveyor to transport iron ore from a remote excavator. The iron ore (blue arrow) carried by the belt conveyor is once stored in a wooden chest by a fuel type inserter, another fuel type inserter removes the iron ore from the wooden chest and steals it steadily into the stone furnace It is a system. With this, as long as mining of iron ore is not stopped, iron is automatically refined without doing anything. In addition, the belt conveyor operates without fuel or power.

By automating the purification of iron in this way efficiency is improved. Furthermore, thinking whether we can automate the mining of iron ore, we thought about combining a belt conveyor and a fuel type inserter as it came up, and constructed a mechanism such as the following movie, in which steel plates are almost fully automated I tried.

I tried to automate production line of iron plate at "Factorio" - YouTube

Iron ore is added directly to the furnace of the stone by placing the stone furnace next to the exit of the excavator of the iron ore, and furthermore the fuel type inserter is rapidly moving the excavator and the furnace of the stone It has become the flow that it thrusts into. The finished iron plate is flushed onto a belt conveyor and stored in a chest.

Thanks to this mechanism, iron will be made almost automatically, but you must do the work of keeping coal in the fuel type inserter manually. To automate this work, we will combine pumping, boiler and steam engine at nearby waters to generate electricity.

Install a utility pole, connect electric wires from power generation facilities ... ...

I pulled power to the simple steelworks. In addition, we succeeded in automating the steelworks by changing the inserter to a type that is electrically driven. The introduction of electric power is indispensable for automation, and at the beginning it is impossible to generate electricity unless it is waterfront, either solar power generation or nuclear power generation becomes possible either way. More efficient facilities and new machines are possible by research and development of technology.

In order to conduct research and development, we will first develop a facility called "laboratory" and build it on the field. However, electric power is necessary for the operation of the laboratory.

Then press the T key to display the technology list. A yellow panel is a technology that can be developed now. This time, select "Automation technology" and click "Start research". Cost is necessary to advance research.

"Science pack" used for cost can be created from the inventory. It is an indispensable item to conduct research and development, so the initial goal of the game can be said to be "automation of science pack creation".

As technology development progresses more and more, railroads will appear besides belt conveyors. When you create multiple bases in a wide field, you can quickly and easily transport a large amount of resources, so work efficiency will be upside down.

However, when the civilization evolves rapidly, and it tends to ignore the impact on nature, it will eventually come to a point. The "pollution degree" is set in the facility, and as soon as the pollution degree advances, "starter" which is a protist protuberant of this star will attack. Therefore, if we do not develop factory facilities as well as weapons and barriers, factories will be destroyed by bitter attacks. ,

Vita boils infinitely from the nest scattered in the field. You can destroy the nest, but even if you try to destroy it in the absence of decent equipment, it will be overrun. A lot of bitters attacks all at once as approaching the nest and the game becomes over when the green health gauge displayed at the bottom becomes 0, so the nest with the equipment not in place enough If you see something, it's good to escape at once.

Also, due to the contaminated air, the bitter giant, the nest growing. The insects who were born and grew up on the planet never forgive, as opposed to aliens who defile their stars with a mysterious facility.

Factorio's purpose is to launch the rocket while protecting himself from the bitter, but while playing it tended to be absorbed in how to efficiently build his own facility rather than launching a rocket . During the game, time is forced to flow, but since no time limit is set in particular, it is possible to expand the factory freely.

As technology research progresses, it becomes possible to construct "circuit network". Designing and incorporating the logic circuit greatly increases the degree of freedom of the game. For example, in the following movie, the game "PortalEnding song "Still Alive"Is being played on the speaker built at the facility of Factorio.

Factorio - Still Alive - Portal - Programmable speakers - YouTube

In addition, fighters who used the Factorio facility to recreate the memory / decoder / display and build a movie player also appeared. In the following movie, using the facility of FactorioDarude 'Sandstorm'It is possible to see how to reproduce the music video of.

Factorio - Sandstorm - YouTube

Factorio, in terms of planning facilities from the perspective of topography and resources from 1,Sim CityAlthough there is similar interest in the building of the city, it is unique not only to arrange, but also to place emphasis on functionality and efficiency thoroughly. Also, expanding the factory has the disadvantage of being attacked by enemies, so it is important to systematically expand it.

Also, because you can design and design the line of the factory, you can enjoy watching the way you behave as you want, so thinking fully automated system on your own and improving the system on this game's liver and It was getting into my mind that I was crazy about expanding the factory and I planned to play for only 30 minutes had been playing for a couple of hours in no time. The field of Factorio is random generation, and the topography including resources changes every time, so it is quite ant to play with fresh feelings as many times as you like.

Factorio is Steam, it is delivered at 2300 yen including tax at the time of article creation, but in preparation for the release of version 1.0 which becomes the official version in 2018, Factorio will be 30 dollars (monthly) on April 16, 2018 (about 3200 yen )Production company declaresdoing. We also declare that Factorio will not be eligible for sale on Steam and other platforms, so it is recommended that you get the person you care about as soon as possible.

Steam: Factorio

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