A movie that rewinds the appearance of the ancient ruins into the one of the past

Ancient ruins are engraved with the culture and history of the place where it was built, attracting many people and bringing to the place. However, even if the appearance remains in the present age, "weather at the time of construction" is not left due to time weathering, war etc. What kind of thing will be reproduced when the former figure is reproduced, Expedia "7 ancient ruins around the world, reconstructedIt shows us with a movie.

7 ancient ruins around the world, reconstructed | Expedia Viewfinder

1:Parthenon temple
Speaking of the ruins of Greece, many people think of the Parthenon temple. The figure centered on 46 pillars remains in the present age and is a place where many tourists gather.

Although full-scale repair work has been done since 1975, this movie jumps over repair and reproduces the appearance at the time of completion. First of all, the appearance of the past year was drawn with white lines ......

The weathered and yellowish surface returned to the color of the time, and also the roof part lost by weathering and the inner part of the temple are restored.

And the decoration was also restored, and we returned to the form that it would have been like this in the past. Parthenon templeAcropolis of AthensIt was a temple built in the Athenian guardian god Attena. In 1687, which was used as a gunpowder under the control of the Ottoman Empire, the explosive exploded due to the attack of the Republic of Venice and suffered great damage, and in 1806 decorations were carried away by British aristocrat Elgin.

2:Nohok · Mur · Pyramid
Ruins of Maya civilization in Mexico. It is a pyramid that is thought to have been built from 100 BC to 100 AD. The height of the pyramid reaches as much as 42 m, and it is the highest pyramid in the Yucatan Peninsula, which looks like a white stone piled up ... ...

When a white frame appears, a straight appearance and a stairway that follows the sky appeared, and it is understood by one shot that it was a construction made by the hand of man.

When color is painted it becomes totally different thing. After the Maya of the Yucatan Peninsula was conquered by Spain in 1542, Nohok Mul was considered to be abandoned around 1550, as it was a jungle outback. It was rediscovered in the nineteenth century, but the formal existence was reconfirmed in 1926. It was not open to the public until 1973, but as of 2018 you can go by public transportation or car and climb the top of the pyramid.

◆ 3:Temple of Jupiter
It is a small town of ancient Rome on the coast of the Gulf of Naples, a temple of the ancient city Pompeii. The reason for this appearance was that in August of 1979 the Vesuvius erupted about 17 km north-northwest of the ruins erupted and the Pompeii collapsed.

When a frame is drawn, I can understand the shape of the roof that I can not imagine from the present figure.

Pillar stands ... ...

The wall rises, the roof of a triangle got on and it was completed. The temple of Jupiter was a place where I was wearing Jupiter, the god of the sky and thunder in Pompei, and played a central role in Pompeii's religion.

◆ 4:The Wall of Hadrian's
Next is the ruins in the northern part of England. You can see it as a small hill with plenty of grass ... ...

When a white line is drawn, you can see that it was a wall to prevent the enemy from entering at the time of construction.

The walls continue beyond the mountains, and the end can not be seen. At the time of completion, Hadrian's Wall was 118 km in length, the height of the wall was 4 to 5 meters, and the thickness was thought to be about 3 m in some places.

Although there are various theories about construction time, it is said that the emperor Hadrian who crowned in the 11th century AD built for the territorial defense, over 122 years from the year 122 years and over 1,000 soldiers were deployed.

◆ 5:Temple of Luxor
It is a complex temple in the ancient Egyptian period on the east coast of Egypt's Luxor. It was built to link the Great Temple of Amen through the approach of Sphinx with the order of Amenhotep III who crowned in the thirteenth century BC.

There are only two on the right side of the sphinx that remained in the present age, but there were also two on the left side, facing each other, lined up to protect the temple. The Obelisk was originally two, but one was sent to France from Egyptian King Muhammad Ali since the beginning of the 19th century, and since 1833Concorde SquareI am standing.

By the way, Obelisk was not originally from the beginning of the temple, it was made at the same time as the courtyard when it was remodeled by Ramesses II about 100 years after construction.

The color was painted and a majestic remains was completed.

Teotihuacan is an archaeologically important city that was made in Mexico BC. The "pyramid of the sun" which is white in the center and looks like a gentle mountain at the top is one of Teotihuacan's largest buildings, one of the oldest pyramids in Central Mexico.

It is thought that it was gentle due to weathering and other factors, and at the beginning of construction it had a more linear appearance. Teotihuacan is a city established after BC, celebrating the peak from the 4th to the 7th century, but it declined sharply and is believed to have been ruined around the 8th century.

◆ 7:Torre Argentina squareTemple B
In the 1920s, part of the marble statue was found when I was constructing to demolish the Argentina tower in Rome and redevelop the vicinity. As a result of the survey, it was found that there were Temple A, B, C and D in the Republican Roman times and Pompey Theater in this place, and now it is "Torre Argentina Square". It is in the center of the open space that is restored by the movie, "Temple B" where only 6 pillars and stairs exist.

In the movie, the pillars and the inner wall of the temple B where there was no shadow to see are rebuilt ... ...

A roof was made, and it was in a state of time quite quickly. As of 2018, many stray cats are living near this square, so shelters of stray cats are established in the open space.

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